Firefox addon: Remove comments...?

I just heard on the radio that there are addons which hides comments in news sites and YouTube and so forth, just like adblock hides ads and so on. That sounds great. Everone who writes comments on news sites are dumb, obviously. However, I can’t find the addon. Is there such an addon (for Firefox)? What’s its name?

Dunno the add-on, but it would certainly make the SDMB a bit boring.

Have a look —> Add-ons for Firefox (en-US)

Really? So you don’t like Letters to the Editor in newspapers and magazines, too?

YouTube Comment Snob Addon

How about one that changes the comments on youtube to Richard Feynman quotes?

I commented on YouTube once. So I’m dumb?

No. I mean yes.

Thanks, but I mean comments to articles in general, not YouTube exclusively.

Thanks, but no, not really what I was asking for.

I don’t know whether you are dumb or not.

Also, to the Straight Dope community: The “dumb” part was a joke. Please do not question your own intelligence based on the OP. If someone on the internet says, he who writes so and so is dumb, that is not necessarily true.

That aside, the addon mentioned on radio, nobody heard of it?

You might want to look at Greasemonkey, which has features like this, though they have to be for each individual site, rather than some kind of general all-purpose feature, because each site does comments differently.