Firefox browser - how to transfer extensions?

I’d like to be able to transfer my set of extensions from one computer to another, so I have all the mouse gestures and other “comfort” features I’m used to. I tried copying across the various “chrome” folders under \Documents And Settings\user\Application Data… but there seems to be more to it.

I wish there were a “meta extension” that would synchronize extensions between different computers - it could keep them centrally somehow and you’d just synch up wherever you use FF.

If you already know the extensions you need, why not download them again to the other machine?

Well, that’s just it: I use around 10 different computers day-to-day at 3 different locations (I’m a programmer), and keeping track is hard - I end up with a mish-mash of extensions on each one. It’s a pain to keep track of the URLs for each extension - would be much nicer to have a “synch” service or at least an “export extensions as a package” option.

Here’s an idea: install Firefox and extensions to a thumbdrive. There’s a version of FF that’s configured to run that way, and then you just need to carry the drive with you to have your personalized browser.

Perhaps you could write a Firefox extension that allows FF users to actually transfer their extension from one computer to another.


I have several computers at home and at work. Keeping them all in synch with respect to extensions, etc., really isn’t so hard. I mean, it’s not microsoft, ya know!