How to move my bookmarks to a new computer

The computers are in different states.

Both connected to the internet (high speed)

Both are running Windows XP Pro and Mozilla Firefox 2.0
I would like to just e-mail myself the file or folder that has all my favorites in it to a web based client so I can then simply connect to the e-mail from my new location/computer and get all my old bookmarks.

I couldn’t see anything in the program files or in the Windows files that look like what I want.

The computers will not ever touch. I am getting rid of the first computer when I move. I do not have a CD burner but both machines do have 1.44 floppy drives. Both have USB and I have a 512mb flash drive.
Tell me that what I want to do is easy! Thanks in advance for all your ideas.

How about the Foxmarks extension? I use it a lot, and it’s very, very handy if you use multiple machines. What it does is to automatically copy your bookmarks to a central repository, and hence synchronise all machines with Foxmarks intsalled under the same username.

Even if you don’t want that functionally in the longer term, you could install it on your old machine, then install it on the new machine (same username), let it pick up your bookmarks there, then uninstall it. Easier than futzing around with files and folders and zip.

on the source computer: Bookmarks->organize bookmarks->File->Export
bring file to new computer,
Bookmarks->organize bookmarks->File->Import
(no extensions required)

From IE:

File->Import and Export

Select Export

Select Favourites

Choose a file to save your favourites to
You can then send the file to your new computer and Import them into IE there.
For Firefox:

Bookmarks->Manage Bookmarks(or Organize Bookmarks)


Choose a file to save to
Send that file to your new computer and Import them.


Go to Bookmarks-Organise Bookmarks. That will bring up a new window. In the new window, do File-Export. Name the file and export it to wherever you like - floppy, USB etc. On the new computer, do the reverse…that is, organise bookmarks but choose Import and locate the file you saved.

Edit: Should have previewed. Advice already given above.


Those were very easy.

Thanks, guys!


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Hey, this move is going to be easier than I thought.

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The Google Browser Sync extension will also do this. Additionally it can synchronize history, persistent cookies, saved passwords, and open tabs.

I have great love for FEBE (Firefox Extension Backup Extension) which will back up EVERYTHING if you like–extensions, themes, bookmarks, cookies, passwords, browser history, you name it. Since I have had to set up several computers for work this has come in mega handy for installing Firefox–just copy over one FEBE backup folder, install basic Firefox and FEBE, then restore everything in a couple of minutes. Since I have something like forty extensions, a googolplex of bookmarks and more cookies than Keebler this makes my life ever so much easier. I have it set to backup once a week so I never lose stuff–which I used to do with appalling regularity whenever a computer would have an “issue.” I can also send the whole shebang to someone (or myself) via email so I can always have my browser the way I like it…