Firefox likes to read single mouse clicks as two clicks

Is anybody else having this problem? I’m using Firefox (I’m on 3.0.10 now) and it often interprets mouse clicks as two clicks rather than single clicks. So, for example, if I’m surfing the SDMB and click a “Spoiler” button, it’ll expand and then immediately collapse again; or if I’m on another site and click a link to open a popup, I’ll end up with two copies of the popup.

This doesn’t repro in IE 7 or other applications; it looks like it’s only an issue in Firefox.

If you’ve encountered this problem and have managed to fix it, any advice would be appreciated.

What plug-ins are you running in FF? Perhaps you could start by turning all of them off and see what happens. If that fixed it, then start turning them back on one at a time and see if the problem returns.

Huh, I thought this was my new laptop but maybe it’s Firefox. I don’t think it does that any other time.

Speaking of clicks, how come da Fox occasionally does this:
You are clicking slowly down a webpage via the right hand scrollbar, when all of a sudden VOOMP a whole bunch of content (typically images rather than blocks of text) goes by superfast as if you had held the mouse button down. Which you hadn’t. :mad:

I’ve been using Firefox for years and never had that or any other similar problem. Sorry, I don’t have any suggestions for how to fix it.

Update: It appears to have been incipient hardware failure, as plugging in another mouse solved the problem. :smack:

Apparently when I’m just surfing the web, I keep my hand on the mouse a lot of the time, which means that I press the mouse button in a slightly different location than when I’m doing real work, taking my hand off the mouse a lot, and clicking only occasionally. (This is why the problem first surfaced in Firefox. Today, I started noticing it while using other programs as well.)

Note to self: Always remember to start off with the really obvious troubleshooting steps. I guess this is why helpdesk techs start off by asking you the utterly stupid questions that you’ve obviously already addressed if you have even a shred of a clue…it’s because sometimes you forget to address them.