Firefox locks up????

Running Firefox 3.6.3 on a windows box,. XP

When opening threads with 10 or 15 embedded pictures, Photobucket being the worst offender, the whole computer locks up and I have to pull the plug and start over. Mouse locks, no 3 finger salute, nada.

Kmelon, chrome, IE all work just fine and the older Firefox works OK but not 3.6.3 …

Help… :smack: :smack:

Are you running any extensions? You may have to disable them all, and re-enable them one-by-one to find the culprit.

Hummm, that is something I have never tried… Thanks…

Most problems with Firefox end up actually being problems with extensions, so it’s usually a good start to try that. Report back and let us know whether or not it works. If it does, you may consider notifying the author of the extension. If not, someone else may be along to offer up more helpful suggestions.

Have a look in the Firefox Forum, it may have been picked up there. If not, post there where it is more likely to be dealt with quickly.

I had funny blockups with Firefox coming from an EPSON printer monitor that launched at each printing order, drove me mad untill I disabled the (useless) program in the XP services menu (sorry for syntax, it seemed to be a dll lauched by a service). Anyway I needed Process Explorer to realise it, XPs process manager skipped it completely

What are you saying here? What is an extension? How do I know if I’m running one? How would I disable one?


Extensions are small programs that help your browser do new tasks or old tasks better. Click Tools and then click Add-ons to bring up the page and the programs you have installed on your browser. Highlight them to see the buttons. There are dozens of them you can install to do all kinds of things,


Stopped all extensions. Did a virus scan, cc cleaner, desktop mastro, disk clean up, defrag, dumped all cookies & temp files, cleaned out ‘system restore’ etc…

SeaMonkey on Linux box works fine. Firefox on Linux box works fine… ???

Okay, compared “about:config” settings between My win box, wifes win box and my LINUX box. All same that are on all three systems. My win box still locks. My win box & wifes win box are on same mother board, RAM and CPU & hard drives…

I think it must be my mother board or since mine is the main computer that I manage my router & modem with, maybe there but that does not make sense…

I have more stuff on my computer in the way of apps, browsers and stuff but… ???

I be really cornfused…