Firefox question

I just switched from Internet Explorer to Firefox. The dropdown browser history for IE showed the last 10 or so websites I visited, while the Firefox browser history seems to save and delete recently visited websites without any rhyme or reason. Is there anyway to fix this?

That is Firefox’s Awesome Bar feature at work. It will learn what your most used sites are, and keep them in the URL list. It also has an effective history search, so after awhile of using it, you can get to almost any site you have been to before just by typing in letters or words in the URL.

If you don’t like the Awesome Bar (I love it, but some don’t), there is an extension called Old Bar that makes it act more like Firefox 2 & Internet Exploder’s address bar.

You need to be a little more specific, because in my experience Firefox retains all of your browser history, up until the limits you set in the Options section.

Are you talking about the History menu in the top toolbar? That generally keeps the last 10 pages you visited, and you can see your whole history by clicking the “Show All History” selection.

You can also go to View > Sidebar > History, and you will see your history for Today, and for previous days.

Ah, yes, i hadn’t considered the possibility that the OP was talking about the history as shown in the actual address bar.

Personally, i find that the Awesome Bar is very intuitive, and nearly always gives me what i’m looking for, but i know there are a lot of Firefox users who don’t like it so much.