Firefox question

I’ve been using Firefox exclusively for about two weeks. It is now my default browser and I hope to never use IE again. My darling Marcie, however, insists on using IE and the last time she had it open, I noticed something that bothered me. IE records in its history folder every website I’ve visited while using Firefox, some of which I don’t want recorded anywhere. Anyway, why does this happen and can I prevent it? If so, how?

Well… I just tested that on OS X and cannot duplicate it.
The last site showing in IE was from November 18, and is
one that requires IE for me to see properly. See if turning
of the history function under preferences helps. And are
you sure that it is not just recording site from the last time
you used it?

Absolutely sure—it recorded sites I visited today. Maybe I should say that I am running Windows2KProfessional.

Bizzare… I just loaded Firefox onto an XP machine and still cannot duplicate it.
I can’t help with testing Win2K as I don’t have a machine with that OS. You
might want to consider submitting your question to these guys or, as another
alternative, visit adult websites while at work like a normal person.


I’m retired; gotta do it at home. Thanks for the link; I’ll give 'em a try.

I’ve got Firefox and IE running on Win2K professional - same setup as you - and I can’t recreate this. Have you considered setting up different logins for you and your love?

Another thought: what about reducing your history setting, under ‘Privacy’ in ‘Options’ in Firefox, down to “Remember pages for 0 days” and seeing if this has an effect.

Just a guess, but Firefox has hundreds of options, including ones allowing you to specify where you want certain files stored.

Like it’s possible to specify that bookmarks are stored in the same file that Mozilla was using for bookmarks. So that allows you to use either browser, with a common set of bookmarks. Changes made in either browser will show up next time you open the other one.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the same could be done with your history file. That would explain the symptoms you described.

I just looked at the IE history on my Win2K Professional machine, and it has no knowledge of the sites I’ve visited with Firefox.

Both IE and Firefox are set to “Remember pages for 0 days” and have been since day one. Your suggestion re different logins has merit and that just might be the way to go.