how can I convince CCCleaner to let me keep my FireFox browsing history

So anyway I caved into the inevitable and started using FireFox - but a problem has come up that I never had in IE. Whenever I run cc cleaner I lose my browsing history (sometimes I don’t remember to bookmark stuff etc). I find this annoying. Does anyone know what things to uncheck, ignore or whatever that will let me keep my history?

Firefox: Tools - Options - Privacy - On the drop bar choose “Remember History” or “Use Custom Settings”

IF: Use Custom Settings - Uncheck start in Private Browsing - Uncheck “Delete history on exit” If that is what you desire…

CCLeaner: Cleaner - Application - Mozilla/Firefox - Uncheck “Internet History”

I’d also suggest checking “Compact Databases.” Since you aren’t clearing your history, you might as well clean it up to be more efficient.

Sorry: a bit of a hijack.

Is there any way to get CCleaner to run at a specific time every day?

You’ll need to set up a scheduled task.

Thank you so much for this. It’s exactly what I wanted.

I often have Firefox running while I’m running CC. It basically tells me that "if you don’t shut down FF while I’m working, I won’t do any cleaning that’s FF-related. If I take CC up on that threat, I find that my history, etc., are all there even the next time I use FF.

I was having this problem too, but I finally figured it out. Besides unchecking Cookies, you need to also uncheck Session. If you don’t know where to uncheck these settings, When Cleaner is chosen (it’s chosen by default) then on the right there’s Windows and Applicaitons. Firefox is under Applications.