Firefox vs. IE8 video question

Perhaps this is mundane and pointless, but I’m sure it has an answer.

When I view videos - generally on CNN or Fox - they play in an embedded player of some sort.

Regardless of resolution or screen zoom, Firefox shows me a larger picture than Internet Explorer. That is, IE cuts off the right and bottom of the video window, perhaps as much as 10%

Screen grab of Firefoxhere, and the same video, same frame from IE8, of a video currently on CNN. You can see the glaring difference.

Wha hoppen?

It’s just annoying more than anything, but what setting am I missing in IE that’s only rendering a partial video?

Bump. I want to know also.

To me it looks like a simple CSS problem with the site. What’s weird is that you see the same problem on two (presumably unrelated) sites…

Try messing with the zoom settings in IE8. I see this happen all the time on poorly designed websites if the zoom is not at 100% and the text isn’t set at 100% or medium. It’s bad Flash design.

You may also want to see if your IE Flash plugin needs to be updated. It’s a separate program from the Firefox plugin, so that might be the difference. To check, follow this link in Internet Explorer.

I don’t think it’s a CSS problem, as the actual Flash window is the same size in both browsers, and that’s all that CSS can control, AFAIK. The problem is that the video is zoomed in too far on the IE version.

Search Adobe 11.3 and Firefox comes up with Adobe’s admission that the two have some comparability problems however the ones reported are usually that there is a crash, they call it a crash. One of my computers will not permit clicking ‘‘full screen’’ with Adobe 11.3 and Firefox. Appears persons are working on it.