Firefox window "restores" to nothing

So I was using the “windows key+tab” to scroll through my programs on Vista, Aero style. I got to Firefox, and maybe my finger slipped and I hit another key, but basically it resized the window to…nothing. It’s not there. I can maximize it, but I have a large screen, and I purposely keep my Firefox window small so I can have my sidebar and pidgin buddy list on the side of it.

When I right click on the firefox tab in the taskbar and click on either ‘move’ or ‘size’, all that happens is the cursor moves to the uppermost left corner of my screen. when I move it, it turns into the “move cursor” (4-way arrow,) for both the move AND size options, but it doesn’t actually move or resize anything. I’ll move it around and click, but then nothing happens and it turns back into a regular cursor. There isn’t any piece of the window anywhere on the screen unless it’s maximized.

here’s a screenshot when it’s “restored,” as you can see, there is nothing there.

I can’t resize anything when it’s maximized, so how do I get it back to what I want? Closing and reopening didn’t do anything, neither did restarting. It’s like Firefox thinks I resized it to nothing.

Instead of using your mouse to activate the “move” or “size” commands, try using the keyboard. First, make sure the Firefox window is restored dow, then:

Alt-Space-m for move


Alt-Space-s for size

(we’re stil not sure whether you moved the window off the screen, or resized it to nothing, or both)

Once you do this, instead of trying to move or resize with the mouse, try using the keyboard arrow keys instead. Basically, don’t use your mouse at all; try using just the keyboard.

Well the problem went away. It stayed for a restart last night, but when I booted up this morning, loaded Firefox and hit restore, it was a vert small window, but still on the screen so I could resize it.

Yip, the move and size commands are for keyboard use, and have been since Windows 3 at least. You have to use the arrow keys to start using them.

Maybe what you did is hit control by mistake and then hit the scroll wheel on your mouse. It works great to increase/decrease the size of the screen.
Sometimes you go to a website where they have a view window for a video and they don’t have the option to increase the size to full screen.
Firefox has a neat feature that allows you to increase the size of the screen either to watch that video or increase the size of the text.

Just hold down the control button while you use the scroll wheel on the mouse, UP/DOWN and the screen size will change.

Now that my eyesight is getting worse I like to use this feature to increase the size of text, but it doesn’t work that way on Internet Explorer.