Fireworks where I live

Someone was out flying a drone on the 4th of July, and made this aerial video montage of the show.

Note that we don’t have a professional show. These fireworks were set off by the thousands of people who come to the beach to light off/launch their own.

There was a good bit of noise and light, but it seed quieter this year.

That is so cool! When I think of drones, “bad things” comes to mind so it’s nice to know they can be used for good, too.

Very cool! And thanks to the Lummi Nation for providing the firepower. I’ve watched that show from LI before and it is amazing and non-stop for hours.

Here’s a graphic showing legal and illegal fireworks. Those mortar-launched aerial displays are perfectly legal to buy from those fireworks trailers that pop up for the holiday. (Right-most column, second one down) :slight_smile:

But the firecrackers and rockets were definitely off the reservation.