First aid kit?

I need an adhesive bandage. I burned my thumb on the broiler element in my oven over the weekend, and the blister burst last night. Now I have a half-inch long, eighth-inch wide ugly red open wound that would benefit from some protection.

For whatever reason, all the bandages I used to carry in my purse are gone. But I know we have a first aid kit in the office - surely there’s a bandage or two in there.

Surely not.

There was gauze and some olive drab packets of who knows what. The label on the inside of the lid indicated that everything expired between 1989 and 1992. :eek: Perhaps I should use tape and a tissue and fashion a bandage myself.

I’ve already whacked my thumb once. I expect I’ll do it several times more before the day is done. With a little luck I’ll remember to tuck a few bandages in my purse when I get home this evening. And I’m thinking I should talk to the boss about ordering a new kit - maybe something from the mid-to-late 90s…

Yeah, this is a wussy rant - I blame the pain and trauma of staring at my wounded thumb. I fear I may swoon…

We have a lot of difficulty in our office keeping the first aid boxes stocked with adhensive bandages. The law states that an office of our size must have a box stocked with 48 adhesive bandages. We need three boxes for three different areas, so that’s 3 boxes with 48 each. As of last week the counts were 44, 0, and 0. Of course, we have all the splints, triangular bandages, and gauze pads you’d ever need, because we never DO need them.

People tend to go straight to the first aid box for a Band-Aid every time they get a boo-boo, poor dears, but they don’t inform the H&S committee they’re taking them, so it’s always a surprise to find we’re out of bandages again.

First aid kit? Duct tape.