First Black President in Action...

Commemorating MLK-day with style, grace, AND class.

Well he is an old man now and he has been putting in long hours on the campaign and the speaker was boring and droning.

Okay, enough with my defense. That was some funny shit. A very bad photo op for poor Bill.


Oh man, I so sympathize. Being tired at a place you can’t leave is the worst. I feel like my willpower is pretty strong on some things, but staying awake when the sleep really hits you is really hard.

Maybe he’ll take a nice two-month nap.

Cheney caught napping at emergency cabinet meeting
Bush inducing sleep
Bush puts McCain to sleep

I love the obvious look at his watch at the end.

I like how he tries to play it off by nodding his head. Seems like something I would do.

This got a lot of laughs on the Tom Joyner Morning show this morning.

I am a fan of Clinton, but that was really bad form.

Aw, he’s 62, give the guy a break. How many other 62-year-old men dozed off during boring speeches yesterday all across this great nation of ours, and nobody (except maybe their wives) gave a rat’s ass, let alone even noticed?

What’s he supposed to do, leave? Sometimes you just can’t will yourself to stay awake-- it’s a natural, human response to dose off at times. I can’t fault him for it, but that doesn’t make it any less funny. When you’re in the public eye as much as he is, you have to roll with the punches.

Excuses are for pussies.

I’ve come down with sleepiness like that and it is hard to fight. He shoulda loaded up on caffeine beforehand. But I suspect that’s contraindicated for his heart.

Funny stuff, though. I bet there were all kinds of drool leaking from his mouth that we can’t see.

Some days, you just gotta sleep.

Another reason I will never run for President. Can you imagine how many of those speaches he has sat through?

I agree. So when my pussy falls asleep I blame it on the warmed speculum the doc is using.

I don’t understand the title of the thread. Can someone explain?
As for the falling asleep part – it’s a bit embarassing, but it’s not like there’s anything you can do about it when it happens to you. If you spend as much time under the cameras as a politician, eventually you’re going to be caught doing something human (or, if you’re Dick Cheney, reptilian)

No, you’re thinking of cigars. Excuses are for losers.

Since he’s the first black President it should be obvious that he’s suffering from the -itis. Ya’ll know what I mean. I think you get it from eating Brazil nuts.

There has been some recent chatter and not so recent chatter that Bill Clinton was the first Black President or that he is more Black American than Obama. So the Ops title was a play on that idea.

I found a realted thread: Who’s entitled to be called a bro, Bill or Barack?


And loud sleep farts that we can’t hear.

Your response sounds very seventh-grade, Squink: “Billy got a bad grade on this paper.” “Yeah, well Georgie got a bad grade on a paper last week.” Grow up.