First Black President in Action...

And if there’s one thing Mr. Clinton is for, it’s pussies.

Oh, let him have his fun.

Is it just me, or does Slick Willie look like Boris Yeltsin in that clip? But with a more expensive suit.


I’m sure the prime minister of Japan wishes that all the first President Bush did during dinner was fall asleep.

Terrible, isn’t it?

At least he wasn’t caught on camera eating ear wax.

Lol, I can’t say I blame him for falling asleep. I bet that guy talked forever.


“Y’all, I had a Dream…”

Don’t worry, I’ll smack myownself…

And I really need to smack myself with that last comment.

I have Dialup, so didn’t even check that specific link, had seen photos enough, I thought, and the YouTube takes too long to load…

Stupid me. The “Dream” har was used there already, and, in finally looking at that , after eons to load, I see a very tired man, Bill Clinton, doing something no other man in history has ever done: supporting his wife in a run for the Presidency. He’s obviously slap exhausted, enough so that his normal very able political self is gone and too tired.

I’m having some wonders and issues with Hillary as a candidate, from the latest brouha with Obama, and Bill’s comments. This footage made me realize how exhausting it must be for him, to be “running”, but not as himself. And, it elicits great sympathy, too. I didn’t see that quite well until now.


Get your very own 12 1/2 Inch Black Action President™ with Fighting Kung Fu Grip™.


He’s a 62-year-old man, so it’s not surprising. However, I did think it was wrong of him to say he fell asleep because Barack Obama keeps distorting Hillary’s record. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure it is a natural, human response, but so is shitting. Sometimes you need to control your responses. The man was president, he knows how these things go from vast experience and he knows what is expected of him. In this case it is nothing more than sit up and stay conscious. Looking interested would be good, but is not strictly necessary.

I am disappointed in him about this even though I know what he went through. I spend full weeks at conferences where each day ends with lots of little red marks on my wrists where I am pinching myself just to stay awake.

Now I grant that for him to fall asleep is nowhere near as bad as it is for Bush or Cheney, simply because they are still in office, but I respect Clinton a great deal more and have higher expectations of him.

They should have fit him with one of these. Or maybe a small hearing aid receiver so that when he starts to nod off one of the secret service guys could get his attention. They could either yell or say, “Mr. President, check out the hooters on that bimbo in the third row.” That will get him up. :smiley:

I’ve been through those kinds of speeches and meetings where you just can’t keep your eyes open. One time we were in a darkened [del]bored[/del] boardroom right after lunch for a PowerPoint presentation from our accounting department. When the lights came back on about 75% of the people had to be woken up. The other 25% were yawning.

I wonder what people in the audience were thinking, watching his head flopping all over the place.