First Cybertruck sighting in the wild

Yesterday I saw my first Cybertruck in the wild (Atlanta area). It was parked overnight at a local tinting/painting/customization shop that often has unique vehicles parked in front of it, from vintage to donks to kaleidoscopic weed trucks.

My impressions:

  • Side view: not too bad. Door handle area covered with visible fingerprint grease.
  • Front view: stupid
  • Back view: extremely stupid

Overall impression: As the owner of a stainless steel fridge, I don’t think I could pay for a car that looks like a stainless steel fridge. Reasons:

  • The fingerprint oil stains are impossible to keep up with.
  • I would feel stupid driving a car that looks like my fridge.

I think there is actual market potential in the moon-car aesthetic as a novelty car, but I don’t find this vehicle to be a compelling avatar of the form. It needs more ornamental surface angling, something along the lines of this.

In short, this experience has decreased the likelihood of me buying a Cybertruck from “quite unlikely at market prices” to “comically remote even at a deep discount”.

Travelling back from Amarillo to home this past week, I saw two in the same day! One was parked at the Clines Corners, NM tourist/rest stop, while the other zipped past me on St. Francis Drive in Santa Fe!

My impressions: Not only are they ugly, but they’re migratory too!

I haven’t seen one in the wild yet (I’m in Europe), but judging from the pictures, they look like they’re straight out of Minecraft.

I don’t drive and I really don’t care for cars but even I can appreciate elegantly designed cars when I see one. The Cybertruck… is not one of them.

I saw one parked at a Starbucks about a week ago. It’s truly the ugliest car I ever saw.

But a mobile ice maker would occasionally come in handy.

I saw my first one in Little Rock outside of a small business this past Saturday. It’s a really, really ugly vehicle.

I was driving next to one on the highway last Friday in the east suburbs of Cleveland.

Ugly as sin, and I can’t imagine how bad the visibility is with that window configuration!

That’s what Full Self Driving—coming out in 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025(?)—is for.


I saw three of them on a car transporter yesterday on I-84 in Connecticut, along with several normal cars. I didn’t know what is was until I googled it, then found this thread. Hideously ugly, like a tank from a 1970s video game.

Haha! Yeah, a tank from Battlezone!

I saw one the other day in Northern NJ – not any prettier in person.

Saw one parked outside a Petsmart a couple weeks ago, then saw one driving in my neighborhoor later the same day. Not sure if it was the same car or not. But apparently I may have a Cybertrucked neighbor.

I drive into the early morning sun quite a bit. The inside of the front window REALLY needs to be clean.

I can’t imagine trying to clean that glass.

Sorry, what’s a donk?

It’s kind of the opposite of a low rider – a car, usually an older American sedan, that’s been modified with oversized wheels so that it rides much higher than normal.

Wikipedia claims the proper term is “hi-riser”, and that to those in the hi-riser enthusiast community “donk” specifically means a 1971-76 Caprice or Impala. But to us normies the word has come to mean any car that’s been customized in this fashion.

Yes, this is correct, I was in a rush and meant to say “hoopty”.