First Dog Barney - is in doggie heaven.

The little guy only made it to 12. I always thought he was such a pretty dog. I hadn’t seen many black Scottish terrier before Barney entered the White House.

R.I.P. little feller.

“A dog has one aim in life… to bestow his heart.”
– J.R. Ackerley

Damn. A few years ago I would have said there was nothing that could make me feel empathy and kindness towards George W. Bush, but looking at some old pics of him holding Barney, I do. He obviously loved the dog very much, and I’m utterly shocked to see the former president was a decent painter.

RIP Barney. You were a cute dog.

Ah damn. First Ed Koch, now Barney.

RIP, little fella. :frowning:

At the risk of bursting into flames after saying something nice about the guy–to my untrained eye, his painting of Barney is pretty good. Especially considering that he has only been painting for a year or so.

My condolences to the Bush folks.

It is kinda funny in sad sort of way that folks that could be honestly called leaders of the free world have to deal with the death of their dog just like some otherwise nice meth heads from a trailer park.

RIP Barney

Now, myself I personally look foward to a president that is hetrosexual, single, and has just a cat (preferably siamese). Now thats a prez that will kick ass and take names.

Lymphoma, the article says. Poor little guy.

I find it rather interesting that Bush signs his paintings “43”.

This photo of Barney is cute. :smiley:

Barney and the blue jay.

I might get a Scottish terrier someday. Cute dogs. Keeping them groomed might get expensive.

We have been Barney fans since he was in the WH (my wife and I own Scotties as well) and this is a sad day for us. We gave Mackie some extra hugs tonight…

It’s so sad to lose a pet. Condolences to the Bush family.

Rest in Peace, little Barney.

You know who else was a decent painter…?

Finally! Got to say it! Now my life is complete…

Oh, and RIP Barney, too.

I remember watching a clip of the annual event where the President and First Lady Twas the Night Before Christmas to a group of kids, and all of a sudden, Barney came running in and the kids were all so excited. He was so cute and friendly. That sucks for the Bush family. :frowning:

Regardless of my feelings about his presidency, I feel sincerely sorry for him and his family. It’s tough to lose a beloved pet.

Damn you! I was holding my breath to see if I’d get there first.

You know who else loved their dog…?


You know who else had Scottish Terriers?

All right, this is getting a little creepy… :eek:


No doubt.

The lesson is: if you elect a leader who has a Scottish Terrier, you’re pretty much declaring war. :wink: