RIP Spot, Presidental Pet

President Bush’s 15 year old dog has been put to sleep.

As a dog lover, this makes me rather sad. In dog years, she was 105.

Sadly, Spotty had to die. She knew too much.

When did Spot know, and when?

How sad. These stories always make me worry about the day my beloved dog will be gone.

He’s such a sweet little guy, it will kill me.

Why on Earth did I give my heart to a damn animal with such a short life span!

I wonder how Terry Schiavo feels about this.

Spotty, while not the movie star that Barney was, was always more entertaining to me.

In the famous “band aid” outdoor press conference in Crawford (in which a well-meaning reporter commented that Bush had wanted a mandate from the people, not a band-aid from the people, and Bush no-sold the lame joke entirely), Spotty started barking, and Bush turned to him. “Spotty, would you please?”

It was just very surreal.

No, she was 77 in “dog years” or in human terms.

That aside, it is indeed sad news. Poor Spot. RIP.

She was Millie’s pup, First Dog of GHWB.

RIP, sweetie.

Did he stop barking? I don’t see what’s so surreal about that.

I heard Ashcroft had him killed because he liked to do it doggie style.

There are so many good jokes about Bush having a fondness for lethal injection that could be made here, but out of respect for the dog, I shall refrain.

I wonder if he made fun of the dog, like he did that woman that was executed in Texas. “Arf arf! Please don’t kill me!”

(I couldn’t resist)