First Grade Teachers, are you there?

This is the first thread I have actually started, so bear with me if I am completely stupid.

I teach first grade in the state of Arkansas. We are a state that doesn’t have the best reputation when it comes to education, and in some ways it is deserved; However, we are trying to change! I was selected to be on the curriculum alignment commitee for the first grade for the whole district. We are making a non-negotiable list of items that first graders must master by the end of their school year. This is taking place in every grade level with the hopes that in about 5 years we will have significantly raised our test scores.

My question is for any dopers out there who teach first grade or knows someone who does. What does your district require from a first grade student? Be specific if you can!

This may have needed to be in general questions, but it’s really not a ‘great question’ of the ages. I’m just wanting some info. I, of course, bow to the will of the moderators should they deem it necessary to move it.


I don’t teach first grade (I teach 5th), but you can access what is required of a first grader here:

You can access all grade level standards for California students at that web site.

Having been one who served on a curriculum committee–haaavvvvvvvve fuuuuu-uuuunnn! :wink: