First historical individual

Who is the first documented individual in known history? Not a species, not a god, not the Iceman, but the earliest-lived, known person in history who can be put in a timeline at a specific place. This person doesn’t need to have a name, just a known life before whom there are no others.

I’m not sure if that’s a question that can be answered with certainty. Gilgamesh, to pick a name, was probably a historical person, although many of the references to him describe him as being part god.

But that many thousand years ago, I think we can’t be sure that somebody didn’t make him up along the way. So does he qualify? If not, then how much certainty do you want?

And how exactly would you ‘know a life’ if we don’t have a name??

Iry-Hor or Ka, of Egypt.

For example, perhaps historians know of a particular scribe in Sumeria, name unknown, who is known by handwriting, and various other related clues that can be dated and placed at a specific location.

The Iceman?

Then whoever did the earliest known cave painting, or made the earliest known human artefact, would seem to qualify.

Specifically excluded in the OP.

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Yeah, it was probably Yellow Hand.