First Maine fireworks death - unbelieveable!

Well, to be fair, he’s quit entirely now.

So what step was that?

Step 2:

“Came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.”

I think he took it too literally.

It was a mortar wound?

What an incendiary headline.

I’ll note for the record this guy definitely was not from the South.

…very nice.

I shouldn’t be laughing, but…

I’m for writing it up as the last casualty of the war of 1812-1813. Back then, the Canadians gave a lot of gunpowder to the Americans in Calais so that the Americans could thoroughly enjoy shooting of fireworks on their 4th of July. We knew that sooner or later, the Americans would blow themselves up. It just took longer than we thought.

Jason Pierre-Paul, DE for the New York Giants, blew his hand up with fireworks yesterday. I wonder how that will impact his career.

:smiley: I’m sure glad too.

He got carried away after, celebrating.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Go ahead and laugh your head off!

I’m all for July 4th being like the Purge, except self-inflicted. Puts a new spin on “going out with a bang.”

I just hate that sometimes innocents get taken out too with this crazy behavior.

Well, after hearing he was going to set off some fireworks his Mom/Girlfriend/Wife told him “Just don’t be stupid… use you head.”

One and done.

Based on my observations of the mortars I launched last night…

You’re launching something about the mass of a golf ball a hundred yards straight up. Imagine how hard the golf club has to hit the ball to accomplish this. Thanks to the previously mentioned third law of Newton, that golf club is also coming down on top of our Darwin nominee’s head.

And since I also doubt there was any padding at all, the entire force of the impact was delivered to a single point on top of his head. Hello instant concussion and cerebral hemorrhage.

All gave some, some gave all.

This is the kind of death sentence I support.


So how thick of a piece of wood placed between the head and the mortar would have protected him?

One big enough he couldn’t lift it. The physics involved means he’d have to have sufficient mass in the wood to minimize the Newtonian reaction by invoking Newton’s 1st Law too. I’m not going to try to do the math, but just back of the envelope figuring leads me to think that it would take several hundred pounds of wood to lessen the force sufficiently. The fact that gravity would be working against him as well means he was pretty much doomed once he said “Hold my beer.”