First Maine fireworks death - unbelieveable!

New way of launching fireworks doesn’t quite work out as expected!

Calais, ME is on the Canadian border for those unfamiliar with the name.

Maine is a State of Mind.

Off the top of my head, I can’t think of many things more mind-blowingly stupid.

Darwin Award candidate.

“The man had been drinking…”

Ya think?

I blame society.

The autopsy will find blood and guts but no brains.

What were his last words?

“Here, hold my beer and watch this!”

Most unsurprising line in the news article, really.

I’d actually be interested in the cause of death here. Did he expect to launch the mortar from his head, like some kind of living roman candle? (Seems like we’ve seen those extreme Japanese stunt shows do similar things.) Was it the force of the launch, or did the bombe fail to launch and detonate right there on his skull? Blunt force trauma, or severe concussion/internal hemorrage?

Inquiring, uh, minds want to know.

That may just have been the least surprising sentence ever published in a newspaper.

July 4th must be the most interesting day of the year to work in an ER.

Yea, I have a little trouble picturing exactly how it would kill someone as well, unless it failed to launch and the whole thing just exploded on his head. The article said he died instantly, so it must’ve been pretty dramatic, whatever the mechanism was.


Nah, Obamacare and gay marriage.
Makes for a better Fox headline.

Using your cranium as a mortar pad. Because it’s so hard to impress the other guys who are shooting bottle rockets from their anuses.

Yesterday someone posted a video on FB, where a guy uses the mortar tube as a phallus. Not only did he get quite the knock to the groin, it also set him on fire. I can see that a larger mortar, placed on one’s head, could deliver enough force to kill someone.

IIRC from chats with a cousin who used to work for Zambelli Fireworks, that type of item is launched by an explosive charge, not a rocket. Basically, more like a cannon than a bazooka. There would be tremendous recoil, so it might have caved his skull or even snapped his neck.

There’s this thing known as Newton’s Third Law of Motion (For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction). He might as well have just aimed the mortar directly at the top of his head.

There are plenty of stories about idiot Marines (too easy) during WW2 who tried to fire captured Japanese “knee mortars” from their knee. Several broken femurs later, they learned that it was only a nickname given because of the curved base plate.

And Scumpup is correct - I have used that kind of mortar before. The display charge is lofted by an explosive charge at the base. That’s why they are called MORTARS.

One fewer Tea Party voter.

This should be added to student “health” classes. Don’t drink and drive and don’t drink and launch fireworks from your head.