First openly gay Disney characters?

Someone on TV Tropes mentioned that the characters Sheriff Blubs and Deputy Durland, from the Disney TV show Gravity Falls, are the first characters in Disney history depicted as openly, publicly gay (they declare in a public meeting that they are “mad with love” for each other, and embrace) - is this true, or are there others that predate these two?

This is seriously wrong.

A superior should not be in a relationship with a subordinate.

It worked for me, once. :slight_smile:

Probably the least of their faults, as officers. :smiley:

There was a lesbian couple on Good Luck Charlie, which IIRC was touted as a first.

The mice in Cinderella were clearly gay.

Then “Gravity Falls” can say that they had the first openly gay characters on a non-awful Disney show.
(Those were dark days, when my now 17 year old daughter watched “Good Luck Charlie”, “I’m in the Band”, anything with Zack and Cody. “Gravity Falls” is awesome, as are “Phineas & Ferb”, “Regular Show”, and “Adventure Time”.)


I guess Gravity Falls has to take the lesser “first in an animated series” title. :wink:

Come on - Chip 'n Dale are the obvious answers.

What does theSuper Duper Nazi Superman count as?

Stereotype. Just because a couple of guys live together, and are very polite and have good manners towards each other while feloniously stealing someone else’s produce, does not mean that they are gay. For that matter, they are more likely to be (well-brought-up) brothers.

There was definitely an episode where Chip or Dale goes crazy (heart beating out of chest and eyes dilating to stars?/hearts? and stomps his foot) after seeing an attractive female. So I doubt that at least one of them was gay… now the other one…

Are you possibly confusing them, as I did momentarily, with Merrie Melodies Goofy Gophers ? (I love those guys!) I honestly cannot remember anything much about C & D. Don’t they speak in chipmunk voices?

Here they both actually come to blows in rivalry over a cute lady chipmunk (although they accidentally kiss each other near the end).

Although the Goofy Gophers sometimes act a little swish, in this one they also swoon over a female gopher puppet.

So you’re saying that Nazi Donald Duck is gay?

That was no accident.

Dean Jones?

There have been rumours since 1994 that Scar of Lion King fame was gay.

Ryan Evans from High School Musical is coded as gay, but of course never came out onscreen. In the stage version he’s openly gay though.

I always thought Chip 'b Dale were brothers.

They’re like Frasier and Niles.