First Panic Stop On Scooter

What a 24 hours. Last night a car almost backed into me, then a car with no lights merged into my lane. Today a car coming towards me decided to turn left directly in front of me. I jammed on both brakes hard and stopped in time with no skidding. I was only going about 15 MPH, so it was not life threatening. Still, my heart was racing for a while

Dude, I have so had those moments on my motorcycle. Scary shit. Glad you weren’t going too fast, and it’s even better you didn’t lock the breaks–which I have done, but didn’t tip over, thank god.

Breaks are for stoplights on a bike of any kind. The thing that would scare me from riding a scooter is that you don’t have the power to accelerate around problem drivers like you have on a larger bike. Still anyone who’s ridden on two wheels knows that feeling and it’s a scary one. There’s a good reason that my bike jacket has ball bearings in one pocket and BBQ sauce packets from McDonalds in the other. I’m always more afraid of the ones behind me.

OK, I’ll bite.

Join the club, Dan.

Try going over one of those cement parking dividers, swerving out of the way of an oncoming vehicle that didn’t see you.

First, you get out of the way, then your hearts going so fast and you’re so frightened that you can’t make yourself stop quick enough and there you go.

Luckilu just minor scrapes on my knees and helmet. Yeah, the guy did stop.

Happened to me the year I had my Yamati Strada RX 200 HP


Excuse me, but how can hitting the ground at 15MPH not be life-threatening?

It’s a two part process to convince drivers that they are too close behind me. Fir go a few BBQ sauces right to the windshield, and if that wasn’t persuasive enough a handfull of ball bearings tossed over one’s shoulder is a very effective method for making sure that nobody runs up and over me.

Brakes. You bike has Brakes. If your bike’s brakes break then you have to fix them.

Now get off my lawn.

Actually my bike had both breaks and brakes which is why it lives in the great junkyard in the sky these days. :wink:

My right hand grip left a black skid mark 5 feet long down the side of a white van that tried to merge over me… took about thirty minutes until my knees quit shaking and my heartbeat returned to normal.

Remember: When it comes to two-wheelers, all car drivers are homicidal maniacs.

In the same way we don’t say riding an airplane is life threatening. Sure, there are accidents, but a vast majority of people who dump a bike at 15mph aren’t seriously injured.

Are you serious? Wow. I usually just wave them off my ass with my left hand.