sk8 goes a' drivin'.

I’m leaving to go take my driver’s license test in t-minus 4 minutes. WOO HOO!! Now my mom doesn’t have to drag my sorry ass everywhere.

Good luck, dude!

Now you’ll finally be a REAL man. :wink:

Best of luck.
Does this mean your username will now be carrixtx?


Or WOULD be a real man. My instructor was an idiot. I’m taking the test again in the next town over this time.

Don’t worry. It happens. I failed my first driving test 3 corners from the end because my testor decided that the person I was sure was off the children’s crossing was still on it… shrug

Good luck for the next go.

only if he passes! If he doesn’t hes still just a lil baby girly man!!

Oh… I’m sorry… I didn’t read correctly. He IS just a lil baby girly man!! :wink:

So what happened?
Bad stop?
Took out a fire hydrant on the three-point turn (happened to my best friend)?
Stopped in the middle of the crosswalk?

And when are you re-taking it?

I passed my driver’s test my first time out. Much to the amazement of my driving instructor, who swore to god that there was no way I was ever going to pass. I got over 90%.

He actually asked me later if I’d bribed the instructor. My response: “What can I say? I test well.”

Since then, I’ve driven across the country 21 times, and only been in two accidents ::knocking vigorously on wood::, both caused when drunk drivers ran stop signs/lights rammed me.

Keep plugging away at the test.

Good luck.

Awww, that sucks. Chin up, you can take it as many times as you need to. :slight_smile:

Better luck next time.

AAAHHHHHHH jesus- those two posts of yours made me jsut freakin bust a gut!
Hey man- It took me 4- count em, four times!

[sub]ahhhhheeeeheeheeahaaahhh ah heh he heheheh whew




sorry man.
nah, you’re gonna do great!

Just relax. Compose a nice flame of my ass while yer takin it for the distraction/calmant value.

Man, it sucks to be you…couldn’t even pass…hides face…okay, okay! So I can’t even drive myself…

Aw, don’t worry Katie – I failed my first time too. The test began on this little road, parked RIGHT UNDER a stop sign – and I pulled out and ran the stop.

You’ll get 'em next time. I mean, I’ve driven in Connecticut. Y’all’s licenser people can’t be THAT strict if all them people are allowed to drive.

I failed my first time too. I didn’t even get out of the parking lot.

Hey sk8rixtx, if I remember, your from Shelton, right?
Where did you take your test. When I got my licence,
I went to Milford and it was pretty simple. Just drive
around the block. Of course, that was like 10 years ago,
so I’m sure it has changed. I also had a lot of friends
go to Hamden and say it was easy there too.
Good luck!

sk8rixtx- too bad you didn’t pass your drivers test, I’m sure you will get it the second time around. :slight_smile:
I am going to try to take my test in June (that’s what I’m aiming for anyway! I’m a little scared.) My YOUNGER brother got his liscense like 2 weeks ago! grumble grumble I guess if he can do it, ANYONE can!

Good luck!


Hmmm, I just remembered this thread…

Guess what, my re-schedule date was for April 4th, a few weeks ago, and my mom screwed up the time for it, when I kept telling her that it was at nine in the morning, not four in the afternoon.

I went at four in the afternoon, and they wouldn’t let me test. Thats when I found out that I had to re-schedule again… yay. May 1st this time.

Jesus, this is going to be the third DMV that I go to, and don’t get it… :frowning: