First (practice) post

Sure, I register and I don’t even get welcomed as the newest member 'cuz someone else registered 2 microseconds after me!! Darn!!

[A fave page[\url]

**Well, well, well[\b]

[li]I hate most people[/li][li]Most people like me[/li][/ul]



Test 2

Wrong slash!!!

Glad I tested

Well, how about I offer you a welcome to the SDMB, Profane Creation? Cool user name, BTW. :slight_smile:

Didja see that? Profane Creation got a personal welcome from Ice Wolf! Lucky bugger. Still waitin’ for mine. :smiley:

Pardon my interruption.

Hmm… pretty sneaky little trick I just did there.

Oh… welcome to the Boards!

Thanks Ice Wolf - for the name comment and the welcome.

(I hope this is what “this is the place for practice posts” meant.)

You bet it is. But, if you want, you can use the ‘Preview’ Button under the reply box (not the qucik-reply box at the bottom of the page, but the one the ‘Post reply’ button brings you to) to see what your code would do, without actually posting it.

Preview is great for letting you fix errors and stuff, too. And letting you know if someone has posted to the thrtread since you started typing- it reloads the posts in reverse order below the reply box.