First really nice spring day here in NE Indiana.

63 degrees here today, very nice for Feb. 20! I cut up a tree that fell over in our recent high winds, that took up most of the morning, then I went grocery shopping. Crazy crowded. Was going to swing by the car wash and hose off my truck but that was crowded as hell too. I ended up bucket washing it in the driveway. If it wasn’t so damn windy tonight I’d be posting this from my tablet, sitting by a roaring bonfire. As is, getting lit listening to Folktales with Julia Meek. Going to fire up some more raucous music here in a bit.

We also had 62 here in the Detroit area. So I commemorated fake spring with some fake spring cleaning(i.e. half-assed). We did have a nice breeze though that let me open all the doors and windows and clear out the stale winter air for some fresh spring air, which is a nice treat this early as well.


You’re about 2 months too early. It’s still winter, regardless of the weather.

I reject your reality and substitute my own!


It was in the upper 60s here! I wore shorts.