First the Prowler, Then the PT Cruiser, Now this.

Sorry guys, I hate to be the bearer of bed news, but I’ll try to make it quick and painless. Plug your nose.

I expected alot more from Chevy that to soil their boots with this crap.

Now for a big surprise, from Ford of all people. Not only did they too join on the bandwagon with a retro styled roadster, but it doesn’t make you want to vomit! I myself was stunned stiff. My jaw hit the floor and the drool started to flow. I was sunnedly snapped back to reality as I heard “Cleanup next to the magazine rack, Isle 6.” over the intercom. See for yourself.

I ain’t a big fan of the yellow on the URL, and the rims suck, but if you see the one on the cover of the August Road and Track you’ll know what I’m talking about. I think they used the same headlight and taillight assemblies from the New Beetle but for some reason they don’t look like shit on the T-bird.

Nice job, Ford, an instant classic. It still doesn’t make up for the years of garbage you’ve made us endure.

And how about the new Porsche 911 GT2? Get this; 0-60 in 3.6 seconds. 0-100 in 8.9. :eek: I think I need a diaper.

hate to tell ya Wishbone, but I’ve been waiting to find out when that truck comes out for at least a 1/2 a year.

2003 huh? … Might just have to start saving my Pennies…

Oh yeah, the new Thunderbird, IMHO, is really ugly.

I think we need more cars that look like the Edsel. Mmm… ugly old useless cars… ::drool::…

What bandwagon are you talking about? You seem to be referring to three models of cars that are being made with retro styling. Well, bar the door Katy! The industry’s gone all higgeldy-piggeldy!

As I see it, if every car that rolled down the lot for the next 100 years looked like an old Packard roadster, that wouldn’t bother me a bit. As it is, almost every car on the road is ugly. Have you seen what those bastards did to the Mustang? They look like Chevy Citations now, only less comfortable.

Then again, what do I know? I liked the Ford Edsel. When I first saw one, someone pointed it out to me as a paragon of an ugly automobile, and I could have wept, because it was lovlier than the vast majority of cars on the road. If they had only known how ugly cars would get, I’ll bet they would have appreciated the Edsel better.

It can’t be worse than how the Mustang looked in the '80s.

I wouldn’t put money on that if I were you SPOOFE

:smiley: - Ha ha. You mean the suped-up Ford Escort ? And Ford wonders how the Japanese carmakers took over !

No, I mean the Ford Box (for that’s what it looked like). Compared to that, the current look for the Mustang (at least, those that I am aware of) are practically cutting-edge in cool.

The late 1980s Mustang looked like the Escort, just a little bigger. It was horrible.

I like the SSR. They’ve been advertising it for quite a while now - I’ve seen pix of it in magazines for well over six months (I think - I admit that I didn’t mark the date I first saw it.)

Before I let 'em rip, and after more than a decade’s worth of jellybean cars, I *do * appreciate that the auto makers are letting designers design cars. Chrysler would deserve special recognition for leading the pack (if Chrysler still existed…)


What Chevy classics??? I look at that thing and maybe see bit of a Holden ute, or maybe a few touches from fat fendered street rods. But the stereotypical fat fendered rod was or is a Ford with a smallblock Chevy under the hood! Oh wait, it’s supposed to be a hot rod roadster? But that’s also a Ford!!!

As for the Ford, does anyone remember when they used to sell body parts to make VW Bugs look like Rolls-Royces, Lincoln Continentals and almost everything else that ever rolled down the street? If you do, then look at that Ford, and imagine what an MGB would look like if you tried to make it look like a '57 T-bird…

That said, I’m just glad that someone is trying. I like the ideas behind the vehicles. As for the cars themselves, give me a year to think about it… :slight_smile:

The T-Bird’s been getting OK reviews, but it sounds a little underpowered. Saw the MG at the NY Auto Show and loved it. But what I really want (what I really really want) - especially in light of the New Beetle:

A New Karmann-Ghia.

With whiskers.

I first saw the SSR on Motor Trend’s coverage of a recent (2000?) Detroit Auto Show. Evidently, Chevy is trying to bring back the El Camino by attaching a pickup bed to an updated '53 Corvette.

Oh, and Karmann has attempted a new Karmann-Ghia, just not called that.

Actually, I rather like the look of the new T-Bird. A nice job of retro-styling as opposed to the rolling turds that DC is putting out.

I actually really liked the older version as well. I would be happy with an early 90s Supercharged TBird/Cougar as my highway car.

The new T-Bird is a beautiful looking car and with 230(?) horsepower it isn’t any slouch.

Word is that Ford will be building a version with a high performance V8 that will eat the Porsche 911 for breakfast.


Well sheesh, Jeff, thanks for the heads-up, although I agree with that site’s author: there really isn’t very much “K-G”-ish about that design.

Its whiskers aren’t prominent enough, especially since they aren’t chrome.

Oh, and a V-8, with a tighter suspension, would probably make the TB fantastic.

I think the front end of that SSR is supposed to be evocative of the early fifties Chevy 3100 pickups, though I can’t see where the rear is supposed to come from. Also they need to lose those cheesy little chrome strips and stick on some big-assed chrome bumpers. And where does the ‘retractable hardtop’ go? In the bed? Kinda defeats the purpose, doesn’t it? [bubba] If you cain’t haul a BBQ grill, a keg o’ beer, and a coupla dogs in it, it ain’t a pickup. [/bubba]

As I said earlier, the purpose of the SSR is to be the new El Camino. In that light, retracting the top into the bed wouldn’t be defeating the purpose at all.

I think the purple Prowler is pretty damn cool myself.

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well…It’s not THAT bad…