What Model "Retro-Car" would you like to see re-intoduced next?

It seems the retro thing may have a chance to start catching on. I’m sure I’m leaving a few out, but think about it; in the last few years, major automobile manufacturers are designing cars with the “retro-look”.

First came the PT Cruiser…styled after the 38 Plymouth.

Then the Germans “reintoduced” the New Beetle…which looks like the result of a mating between an Audi and a bathtub.

Now Ford is selling (there’s a waithing list in my area) the Thunderbird Premium…styled after the 56 T-Bird.

So what’s your Humble Opinion?
How do you like the models you’ve seen so far?
Is this just a fad or something we’re gonna be seeing more of?
What model(s) of yesteryear would you like to see intoduced?

I kinda think they’re unique. It’s something I wondered why the mfrs. hadn’t been doing for a long time already. I’ll keep my fingers crossed Ford will come out with a Mustang Premium, styled after the 1968 GT500KR Shelby Mustang.

The Model T Ford! As much as I detest old Henry, he did make a good auty-mobile.

i wanna see the return of big ole’ tail fins!

1918 Stutz Bearcat Runabout

Gull Wing Mercedes

The Volvo the Saint used to drive

Anything with running boards

I don’t think Detroit should be turning back the clock on anything until they develop either a flying car or make jetpacks widely available and practicle.

Ditto on the GT500 and gull wing Mercedes.

Any Hemi Cuda.

ATREMENDOUSLY HUGE and utterly useless car that goes really fas5t and gets insanely shitty gas mileage.

Oh wait, those have been around for years, they’re called SUV’s.:smack:

Studebaker Avanti

Volkswagen should dump the anemic Cabriolet and bring back the Karmann Ghia convertible.

…I always liked the lines of that car! A new version (with updated suspension, steering and brakes-the original drums were prettyb bad) would sell like hotcakes!

Munch, you may wanna see some of the Models in this thread about Toyata’s flying car. The link SPOOFE provided caused instantaneous cramping in my pants when I first saw it.

You know what they say about cars and the price of men’s toys

A 1950 Mercury with a chopped top. (Sorry, it’s the best picture I could find with a quick search.) But I’d like to see it in some deep dark burgundy color. There’s something about that car I’ve always loved.

You might just get your wish. I’ve been seeing drawings in the various car magazines that supposedly show the 2005 Camaro. The rear clip looks a lot like the '67. Unfortunately, the front end carries the current front end design of the SSR Concept.

I would love to see a design taking after the late '60s early 70’s muscle car. The Early 70’s Mustang or the Plymouth Road Runner.
The shape has a long hood and short trunk. Good room in the front seat, back seat is just for looks.
Okay, it’s phallic.

The Dodge Charger R/T complete with a hemi. (Which may be going into production, and the new hemi is already a go).

And I’d like to see BIG cars return. And ones made of metal.

So many great cars, that I would love to see again. It would certainly be nice to have better looking cars than we do now.

How about a remake of the 69 Cadillac or how about the 1963 Buick Riviera

Don’t worry, there are new ‘retro’ designs coming.

The new Corvette (the ‘C6’) has retro styling that invoke the 63-67 ‘stingray’. http://www.c6vette.com/

The Mustang has been undergoing a constant evolution towards early 60’s Mustang styling.

The Nissan 350Z evokes the original 240-Z, both in styling and price/performance: http://www.nissancanada.com/eng/cars/350z/index.asp

But I’ll second the suggestion of a new, retro-styled Camaro that looks like the '67-69 models. Those were classic cars, and the planform is quite practical. They’d be back to head-to-head comparisons with the Mustang.

But I must say, the golden age of the automobile is RIGHT NOW. Forget the muscle cars of the 1960’s - A stock 2003 Mustang Cobra SVT will blow the doors off of almost all of them. 405 horspower (conservatively measured, and net, not gross like they used to be measured), coupled with traction control and modern tires and transmission will outperform almost anything Detroit would come up with. (The exceptions being the ZL-1 427 'Vettes, and the 426 Hemi machines). But the Mustang has a Roots blower, and by all accounts it’s relatively easy to crank that horsepower over 500. That would make it the fastest ‘muscle car’ ever built.

Not only that, but the car will actually handle. Having driven several of the most powerful older muscle cars, I can tell you that they could accelerate like crazy, but they sucked in the turns.

There’s a horsepower war going on now. Technology has caught up, and now you can make powerful cars with good gas mileage. That 405 hp Mustang still gets something like 20mpg. A 426 Hemi probably gets more like 10.

Next Year, Pontiac is releasing the new GTO, and it’ll have at least 305 horpower, and maybe as much as 390. The Vette is getting a boost. Most of the ‘sports sedan’ cars now like the 300m or the Cadillac CTS come with engines in the 250-300hp range. That’s pretty good!

I want to see the Volvo 740 and the Saab 99 back in production the same way there were made. Those were such good cars you could run them for 20 years and they were good as new. I love flying boxes.

Doh! I mean 240, the 740 was a good car too!