First Tigger, now Piglet: John Fiedler dead at 80

CNN story

Sad to here that. I always liked Fiedler.

Interesting bit of trivia: He was the only white actor in the original Broadway cast of “Raisin in the Sun.”

It’s getting quieter in the Hundred Acre Wood.

Both Paul Winchell and John Fiedler bring back memories of childhood. There voices were soothing. Although when Fielder played a man possessed by the spirit of Jack the Ripper in the original Star Trek, it was a little surreal to hear a laughing Piglet saying “Die, die, I’ll kill you all”.

This is really sad. My 5 year old really got into Winnie & Co. this last year so I’ve been watching them a lot lately. There’s even a new Pooh movie coming this fall surrounding the Heffalump’s first Halloween. I imagine that was JF’s last film.

RIP Piglet (and Tigger too)

He was also the only male actor to appear in both the movie and TV versions of The Odd Couple (although in different roles). Remember “Silver the Wonder Dog”'s trainer?[ul]
[li]“In his last film, Silver had to run through a forest fire to rescue a mannequin dressed as Dean Jones! Would you do that if I didn’t hit you?!”[/li][/ul]

You know, this is about as wierd as when both actors who played Col. Henry Blake died on the same day.

One day apart actually, though possibly within 24 hours.

Seems as though we’ve been losing a lot of the great cartoon voices recently. I bet if they were scientists, we’d be hearing some conspiracy talk.

Winnie the pooh will need a pssychologist. … Ok more time me on the couch. :slight_smile:

Well, that’s the third. When Paul Winchell died I asked supervenusfreak, “So, Thurl Ravenscroft and Paul Winchell…who’s going to be the third voice actor to die now?”

I hate being right…

Fiedler would be the third Pooh voice to die recently; Howard Morris, who voiced the whistling-afflicted Gopher, passed away in May.

I saw him once on a “Actors You’ve Seen but Don’t Know their Name” segment of some talk show. He said his entire career was one of either not being able to get work at all or turning down five projects because he didn’t have time. My favorite of his performances:

The Bob Newhart Show (particularly the “Mr. Gianelli’s Dead” episode)

The Golden Girls- he played the ultimate nebbish (with a whiny obnoxious disposition to boot) but for some reason women found him sexually irresistable (Dorothy hated him but couldn’t stop dating him because it was the best sex she’d ever had)

Star Trek- mentioned above

Harper Valley PTA- as a lecherous gun nut

Something is stalking in the Hundred Acre Wood…

And, in addition to the previously mentioned Odd Couple role as the dog trainer, he appeared in a second episode as G. Martin Duke, manager of the Security Arms apartments:Oscar: “We’ve had it with your sneaky-peepy cameras and your two-way mirrors!” Duke: “WHO TOLD YOU ABOUT THE MIRRORS???”

Hey, anyone want to help me out here?

I need an image of Fieldler, as large as I can get, to run as part of a news briefs section in a publication (so Fair Use, no copyright concerns). It’d be groovy if it was from the Star Trek episode where he was taken over by the spirit that was Jack the Ripper, as the publication is about the Ripper killings.

I’ve tried looking for photos of the guy online but am not having much luck.


Submitted for your approval

One little coincidence. Fielder’s character in “Star Trek” was “Mr. Hengist.” “Hengist” is a Middle English word for “gelding.” Kind of an interesting tie-in for a “Jack the Ripper” type murderer, considering the victims he chose.

That will do nicely, thanks!