First time at Max and Erma's; recommendations?

On Wednesday, Mom and I will be going to Max and Erma’s restaurant as the “food” part of a church group field trip. Neither of us has ever been there. I know the menu is available online, but can I get some recommendations from my fellow Dopers all the same? Not every burger is good burger, after all.

Get the reuben grill. Their burgers are not very good, though adequate if you really want one.

I used to bar tend at a max & erma’s many moons ago, so their menu might have changed. Also, it was at an air port so we had a limited menu compared to the real restaurant. Anyway, I really like the chicken tortilla soup, and the turkey sandwich was always really good.

30 years ago, they made a great Garbage Burger!

Oh, shit, I just found out they serve IBC root beer floats and have an all-you-can-eat sundae bar. This is why I’m fat. :wink:

That would have been back in the phones on the tables days.

I’ll second both the Reuben and the Chicken Tortilla Soup.

I second the Garbage burger. It’s my favorite meal at any restaurant ever. Get the tortilla soup to go with it… The fresh baked cookies are awesome too!!

sigh I miss Max & Ermas.

Forgot about the cookies… order them at the start of the meal and they will have them hot and fresh for desert.

Chicken Tortilla soup is pretty much a requirement.

I usually get a “3 course meal” with the mentioned burger, tortilla soup, and cookies. I mostly go there because I have kids and it’s the only attractive kids menu in town.

Thanks for the suggestions!

I started with soft pretzel sticks, followed by chicken tortilla soup and a Philly cheese steak (the latter of which, unfortunately, was disappointing. But the Monster Burger looked too intimidating.)

Mom had the same, except the Cobb Salad instead of the cheese steak.

And everyone in the group got two free cookies with their meal, because it was Free Cookie Wednesday!