Fish get revenge on fisherman!

Fish stabs man

At least the fish didn’t stab him any lower. Oww :frowning:

Yikes! That doesn’t sound like “Sweet Revenge” to me!

Hope the poor fisherman was “passed out” for most of those two days.

From Sebastian Junger’s “The Perfect Storm” (p. 50)

“Swordfish are not gentle animals. They swim through schools of fish slashing wildly with their swords, trying to eviscerate as many as possible; then they feast. Swordfish have attacked boats, pulled fishermen to their deaths, slashed fishermen on deck.”

I lived all my life until now without knowing this. Nobody ever told me WHY swordfish have that sword. Evidently the newspaper didn’t know this either. But apparently this is pretty common, and it isn’t funny. Ouch.

Luckily, trout don’t do that . . .

At least I sure hope they don’t.

did someone say fish?

Two days?!?! that would blow having a fish stuck to you and I guess to the floor of the ship for two days. ouch.

Yeah, okay, so maybe they kill a couple fishermen. But I tell you, when you take a fat swordfish steak and put it in the smoker for a few hours while you drink a few beers and then you pull that baby out and cut it up and swallow it down… HOOOOEEEEEE !!! That’s good.

Eeeesshh…I’m glad snook don’t have “swords” like that…they way they fight, it’d be fatal for sure…

Yet another reason to never go near the ocean.


The mighty Swordfish. Champion for fish everywhere. All denizens of water subject to ripped lips worship him. Thy sword brings revenge to the wretched land walkers. Ah… shut up and bring me a worm.