Fish sticks . . .

. . . simply taste better out of an oven.

Same with the dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets I get from Costco. But not enough to make me ditch the microwave for 'em. Fish sticks, though? Yup, worth the 20 minutes, every time.
Is there any food with an option that doesn’t taste better with conventional cooking than microwaving?

What else is worth the wait?

Meat pies. Actually, any kind of pies. Worth the wait, that is, not better in the microwave. If the crust isn’t browned, there just isn’t any point in eating it.

I do know one food that heats better in the microwave - defrosting frozen or refreshing stale bread.

You actually eat fish sticks? According to Matt Groening the fish stick is neither a fish nor a stick, it is a fungus.

That aside, baked potatoes have to be prepared in a conventional oven. In a microwave they wind up having the consistency and flavor of wallpaper paste.

Stouffers makes a mean pot pie for the microwave. Crust browned and flakey.

It’s only about a million calories, though.


Hot Pockets are better in a microwave, if only because it’s a waste of a good oven to cook them there.

They don’t make good fish sticks anymore. When I was a kid, fish stick tasted fishy! Not like, ‘Golly, this is good fish!’ No, fishy. And they were made of flakey bits. I used to go out into the back yard and get a lemon for them. Whenever I try fish sticks (or fish fingers, if you prefer), hoping against hope they’ll have a fishy taste, all I get is a flavour that may as well just be the coating. It all tastes the same. And the texture is about the same as well. They’re more pureed than flaked.

But most Americans don’t like that ‘fishy taste’. (Then why the hell are you buying fish?) So the fish finger foisters feed fools fish-flavourless foods.

Nuked corn on the cob seems far tastier than the usual boiled method.

<aside> How do you properly nuke corn on the cob?

Anybody else diliberately mispronounce “fish sticks” as “fish dicks”?

No, and you’re a bad person. :wink:

I agree with Groening that fish sticks are fish only in name. Mostly, they’re a tool for ketchup delivery.

But potatoes are indeed better baked than nuked.

And the Marie Calendar micro chicken pot pies are pretty darned good, but they don’t even have a conventional option.

Oh, my, I just recently discovered the Marie Callender’s. Good thing I don’t go in the frozen food aisle that often, or I’d weigh 100 pounds more than I do now.

Well, I will now. Which is better, mouseturd or catsoup on my fish dicks?

Corn on the cob can be nuked right in its husk. Put it in whole for, what, about five minutes? It actually comes out very nicely steamed that way.

Corn on the cob - wrap each shucked cob with saran wrap - zap - unwrap - enjoy

I didn’t recommend a zap time - too many different microwave power levels - shouldn’t take long to figure out what works best with yours.

Much better results than boiling (IMHO)

I just throw the ear of corn, with the leaves still on, and nuke it 'til it’s cooked. This is trial and error depending on your microwave. Then I peel the leaves off and use a paper towel to wipe the little strings away. Salt, butter, eat and enjoy.

Some people peel and clean the little strings off, then wrap in a paper towel and nuke.

Living in “corn country”, I’m soooo looking forward to trying the nuc-u-lar method. It’s a right of summer to have fresh sweet corn on the cob. Yum!