Fitness Water??

Saw a commercial on television last night for a new drink called Propel Fitness Water. It is made by the Gatorade people.

The marketing reads: “A lightly favored water with essential vitamins, Propel was created as an alternative to plain water for active individuals who typically drink water to stay hydrated.”
Um…okay. I guess the idea is interesting, but how does it taste?Has anyone tried this?

I dunno–most sport drinks are essentially flavored sweat, so if you think of them that way, it’s all nasty. (But the blue Powerade is delicious…mmm) Seriously, this can’t be any weirder than the oxygen water, though. Apparently drinking oxygen somehow helps you exercise. :confused:

Another scam

I like Propel. I’ve bought a couple of cases of it, and I’ll buy more next time I go to CostCo. Here’s my take:

The lemon flavor tastes like watered-down lemon Kool-Aid. Imagine drinking half your glass and then letting the ice melt before you go back to it.

The black cherry is very good. It tastes like Kool-Aid. Some might find it too sweet, though.

The punch flavor (or is it berry, I can’t remember) is somewhere in the middle. Better than the lemon, not as good as the black cherry.

Those are the only three flavors I’ve tried. None of them taste even remotely like Gatorade (i.e. that slightly salty taste).

They have around 20 calories each 20 oz. I like them when I’m tired of soft drinks but don’t feel like drinking plain water.

Arwen: Well, I can see how oxygen might want to make you exercise–breathing is good! :slight_smile:

Tedster: True, it is another way for Gatorade to make some cash.

throatshot: Thanks for the info. Guess I will have to give the black cherry a try.