Watered Down Gatorade is Where It's At

Doesn’t anyone else feel like me, that Gatorade-type sports drinks are kind of…too thick and a little syrupy? Kinda like “sugar spit” or something?

This is not some monumental discovery on my part, people have been watering this down forever most likely. But I personally never have, until yesterday. Cutting it by almost half with ice cold water makes a perfect drink, IMO. Same goes for lemonade, although I don’t cut it with as much water and it’s for a different reason, and that’s to cut down on the acidity.

So what say ye? Anyone else a fan of doing this? I mean, MORE Gatorade too, right?

To me Gatorade always tasted like watered ldown Kool aid with salt In it

Hmm. I never felt it tasted watered down…otherwise I wouldn’t be watering it down!


I don’t taste the salt in it either, and I’ve gotten pretty sensitive to salt now that I am on a reduced sodium diet. Maybe you’re a supertaster?

I water down my cool aid, and drink my gatoraid neat.

the low cal G2 stuff is the bomb; love the grape and the cherry

less syrup-y and less of that clotting epiglottis feeling as it goes down

Same here.

The first thing that occurs to me when I think of Gatorade is “watered down”.
However, that’s not my main problem with Gatorade. I hate about 95% of the flavors. There are way too many “Arctic Mists” and “Mount Everest Blasts” for me. Out of all the flavors, the only ones I like are Lemonade and Cherry, and they don’t make Cherry any more.
So Gatorade can kiss my (Icebox Cooler) ass.

If you get the powdered Gatorade, which why wouldn’t you, then you can mix it to your liking.

Conversely, if you feel Gatorade is watery, there are products like this which have a thicker, gel-like consistency.

Me too. I stay away from sports drinks because they’re too weak, and from energy drinks because they’re too strong. Regular soda is just fine to cover my bases.

RIP Coke Zero

Yes. Yes. Yes.

They do have too many goofy flavors. My favorite is still the old original lemon lime.

Yes… I totally water down my Gatorade. When I was pregnant and really trying to make sure I got my daily recommendation of water, I would cut Gatorade with water to make them both more palatable. But I only like 3 flavors: fruit punch, lemon lime and the blue flavor. Not sure off the top of my head what the goofy name of the blue flavor is, but it’s like Arctic Blast or something.

I also do this with Vitamin Water. I dislike plain water, but I don’t need much flavor to make it palatable. I take a 20 oz bottle of Vitamin Water, pour about 1/3 into my big water cup and fill the rest with ice and water. Otherwise, the Vitamin Water has a good flavor, but it’s too sweet for me.

Salt doesn’t have anything to do with supertasting, so far as I know. And, yes, to me I agree that Gatorade tastes like salty Kool-Aid. Not sure I’d call it “watered down,” but you can definitely taste the electrolytes, and I’m someone who enjoys salty food.

I cut my Gator with about half water. Because I’m cheap.

Somebody needs to tell Beck.

A guess: maybe it’s when one hasn’t actually been running and sweating, and therefore does not really “need” the electrolytes, that the Gatorade tastes salty? Same for the Energy Goo. These are not drinks made for sipping during dinner.

I’ve definitely found that to be the case. After a long workout (though it’s been a good four years since I’ve done the type of workout that really needed a Gatorade at the end of it) Gatorade really hits the spot and I don’t notice its saltiness. But a more normal, light workout of 30-40 minutes, it still tastes quite salty to me. Unless it’s a hot day, in which case, the salt and fluids are welcome.


For this reason I’ve always preferred Powerade (once Powerade existed); it doesn’t taste as diluted.

I don’t drink Gatorade very often, but I do this with the lemonade from soda fountains. I usually just drink water, but when it’s available, I’ll sometimes have Minute Maid or some other such lemonade from the same fountains that have Coke, Sprite, etc. But it’s always both too sweet and too sour. Highly concentrated stuff. I mix it about half/half with water.

The West Kingdom Waterbearer’s standard was to send every bearer out with plain water in one container and half strength lemon lime Gatorade made from powder in the other. Anyone who requested Gatorade we’d ask if it tasted good and if they said it did we’d make them drink more because if that shit tastes good you definitely need it. When you have people in full armor running full out in 100F heat you gotta watch 'em to make sure they don’t heat stroke on you.

I will use Powerade powder once in a while. But I definitely use only half-strength and it is coupled with lots of plain water before and after. It seems to mellow out the effects of drinking so much water.