Five Fingers - awesome or skeevy? Is there a gender divide?

So I’m pretty weirded out by those Five Fingers shoes, that fit over your feet like a glove and supposedly make you feel like you’re barefoot. Not that I disagree that running barefoot feels better than running with shoes on, but I just get kind of skeeved out when I see those shoes. For some reason, I’ve noticed a gender divide among people I know who love them vs. find them weird. I wanted to make a poll here to see if the SD reflected my observances.

I apologize that the poll choices are limited to people who fit into one of four narrow categories, but that’s just the particular data I’m trying to collect. I’ll leave an additional option for those who like clicking buttons. :slight_smile:

(Also, “Vibram Five Fingers” definitely sounds like the name of a masturbatory aid, y/n.)

I female and I think they’re neat. I bought a pair, but they don’t fit me correctly, so I’m going to sell them on ebay.

I voted “no opinion” as I have no idea what you are on about.

I know what you’re talking about, but don’t really care about them one way or the other. I think you’d have to be a runner to find them awesome, and I’m not, but I don’t really care what sort of footwear people choose to jog in. If foot-gloves do the job, more power to you. (I’m female, BTW.)

Married male here. I have three pairs, and I love 'em. I got them more for hiking/climbing, and kayaking and stuff. Where cutting yourself on a sharp rock or oyster can really suck.

But then again, I’m the type that doesn’t give a rat’s ass about what other people think of what I wear. And I’ve had a couple dozen people stop me and ask me where I got them. I’ve never had anyone stop me and tell me how ugly they are. Hell, in our first thread here on these a few years ago I mentioned them and 3 or 4 people bought them from just reading about 'em.

I’m female, and I think they’re awesome. I really want a pair, but I don’t run or participate in any activity that would require them, and since I can’t really see myself strolling around town in them (although here in San Francisco, I see people wearing them on the bus all the time, presumably on their way to or from a run) I can’t really justify buying them.

For the curious:

I have a friend who is a minimalist runner – she tried them, but decided she didn’t like how they felt. I think they’re cool-looking, if a little weird.

I don’t find them skeevy, but I found that I very quickly hurt my achilles tendons and stopped wearing mine.

I find them really ugly and skeevy to look at, but I’m a huge fan of the philosophy. I’ve never understood why feet are so enrobed, enforced, protected and supported, while for every other body part (save eyes), we know that if we want it to be flexible and strong and reduce the risk of injury, we have to *exercise *it.

They’re a bit wrong. A friend of mine wears them, which has made me think on them more kindly, but still, no. It’s kinda like the ‘uncanny valley’ phenomenom: not shoey enough to be shoes, and not feety enough to be feet, so it parses as wrongness.

[QUOTE=Electric Warrior;13557101(Also, “Vibram Five Fingers” definitely sounds like the name of a masturbatory aid, y/n.)[/QUOTE]

Similarly, the thread title also didn’t sound like it was about shoes.

I’m a runner and I love them, especially for non-technical trails :slight_smile:

Male and I think they look dumb.

I wouldn’t call them skeevy. Creepy is more like it. < shudder >

I know someone who wears them, and I don’t think they look skeevy, just stupid. Like he’s walking around in his socks or something.

ETA: Mind you, I don’t think he looks as stupid as the guy I know who wears Tigger shoes, but I still think they look stupid.

So Al Bundy was just 20 years ahead of his time, then?

They’d look more elegant if they had a “noble toe,” (second toe longer than the big toe).

Which leads me to imagine an ad campaign with an argument between a foot fetishist and a shoe paraphilist, similar to the “tastes great/less filling” ads.

This is it exactly. They’re not wrong, just … not. Or it looks like you dipped your feet in the same stuff they coat pliers handles with. I have a friend that loves hers, she wears them everywhere.

I think they look dumb and ugly, but I own them and wear them frequently. Best trail and water shoes ever! So I picked ‘awesome’. I’m going with friends of mine to buy their own next week.

I don’t really wear them as shoes. Like to the grocery store or coffee shop. I wear them for outdoor activities I can’t or don’t want to do barefoot.

I don’t know if I’d call they “skeevy”. Just ugly as all hell.

My own general definition of “skeevy” is along the lines of sleazy, douchy, the kind of guy who says “…ladies” all the time. It is not a synonym of weird or creepy.

Therefore I think of them as the opposite of skeevy: basically geeky as hell.