Five second reset

Prodded by another current thread about weird superhero powers, I’ll start the thread I’ve been meaning to start.

If you could mentally reset the world to five seconds previously, what would you do with it? I’ve had an impulse to throw my keys down the sewer. This way I could do it and get them back.

It’s been pointed out that you could set a new Jeopardy record, and make a bundle that way. You could make a daily living just betting people in bars about trivial stuff.

Provided I could catch them in time, I’d rid myself of any further foot-in-mouthisms I happen to utter.

If you were athletic enough, you could probably make a pretty good living as an athlete. Especially in baseball. You’d always know where the pitch is gonna be. Just as soon as you get used to hitting 100 mph fastballs, you’re set.

There are quite a few things that I’ve said that I would like to have not said, and probably a number of things that I have not said that I should have. I have a tendency to work my mouth a few steps ahead of my brain.

That, and maybe make a killing at the craps tables in Vegas.

Craps, ha…How 'bout roulette. Just keep placing all your money on the number that the ball lands on. That would add up really fast. Of course the house might start wondering after a few hits. If the odds are 35:1 and you start with one dollar, you should break one million within two minutes.

I suppose if I went back five seconds, I could catch the typo I’m inevitably going to make in this post (and despite all my previewing I always seem to miss one). That could be a handy talent…

…or, yeah, I could just go to Las Vegas and make a killing.

Nope, roulette won’t work. From the time that betting is halted, to the time that the wheel slows enough to see the winning number, is more than 5 seconds, I do believe.

Can you go back five seconds twice in a row?

But yeah, I hadn’t thought of that. It would be a pretty close call.

Grab boobies - reset
Repeat as necessary.

Which brings up an interesting question – is it unethical to do stuff like that in a parallel universe? After all, one cannot tell that that other universe exists at all, not being able to transfer information to and from it. So for all practical purposes it doesn’t exist once you hop back 5 seconds.