Fix for scratched kitchen floor tile?

Some idiot, who shall remain nameless but whose initials are Gary T, put a few several-foot-long scratches on our kitchen floor tile. This was done by pushing a refrigerator the wrong direction across the floor – the fridge rolled easily one way, but it seems the (plastic) wheels don’t swivel :smack: and they marred the floor. I don’t know what type of tile it is, but it was likely installed shortly before we bought the house 5 years ago. Any hope short of replacing the damaged tiles?

I’d say probably not repairable, if you scraped all the way through the glaze. If you just scraped the top of the glaze but left the pigment, you might be able to buff it out.

If you have any spare tiles leftover from the installation, replacing it wouldn’t actually be that hard. (By which I mean, from my viewpoint, sitting in my chair hundreds of miles away contemplating the job, it wouldn’t be that hard. From your viewpoint, bashing the old tile with a hammer, scraping out the old mortar, and regrouting, it will be a bit of a chore, but not insurmountable.)

From searching the web (in vain) for a possible repair, I deduce that it is vinyl tile – it had dents from the four corners (wheels) of the old fridge.

Thanks for the reply, finagle – it sounds to me that perhaps you’re referring to ceramic tile? I’m not sure if the pigment in this vinyl tile is only on the surface or all the way through. The scratches appear off-white against the color of the tile (kind of a dark sea green).

A vinyl tile has only a very thin layer of actual vinyl on top, called the wearlayer. If you have scratched through this you are probably not going to be able to fix it. If you have scraps of the original floor most vinyl floors can be patched by a good flooring installer, call up your local shop and talk to them. For the patch job you’re probably looking anywhere from 100 to 200 for it. A new floor may be your best option.

:frowning: - Having done the very same thing in our basement kitchen. I was forced by forces unsaid - my wife - to replace the abominable marred tiles with a new floor. But not only did we switch from vinyl tiles to Stone, the flooring looks 10 times better. So thereis a bright side. :slight_smile:

Oops, yes, I was assuming you meant ceramic tile. However replacing vinyl tiles should be even easier, again, assuming you have some extra tiles left over. (Which you should – it would be an unusual tile installation job where you used exactly the number of tiles that you bought. And the installers should have left any extra tiles behind for just such an emergency.)

Shame the floor is “sea green” - if it was a nice easy colour like black, I bet you could easily hide the scratches with some wax polish.

Thanks for the replies, all. Anyone know how to build a doghouse? I think I’m going to be banished to one for a while. :frowning:

Well, if you have a dog you could try blaming the scratches on it. “Damn I meant to clip his nails.” Otherwise you’re pretty well screwed.

Hey, I have the same problem and my kitchen tiles are black. Is there a special black floor wax polish?

Well, you can certainly get tile paint, or you could try doorstep polish. But a friend of mine got decent results with black shoe polish, by rubbing it in, leaving it a while and then buffing off the excess.