Fixing cruise control on a car.

I have a 1997 Acura Integra. The cruise control just stopped working. Can one of the car guys on the board give me an estimate on what it will cost to get fixed?

I accept as a given that no one can know for sure without actually looking at it, so I am asking for your best guess based on your experience.

Used to be cruise control was controlled by vacuum power supplied by the engine. I fixed a bad cruise control once by reconnecting a vacuum hose in the engine compartment.
I’m not sure if they work via the electronics now or if 1997 is old enough that it’s vacuum powered.

My point being, pop the hood and if you see something that is obviously disconnected, that may be the culprit. Also with the engine running you can sometimes hear a ‘hiss’ from a leaky vacuum hose or connection and that could clue you in to the source of the problem.

Have you checked the fuses? That might be the source of the problem, and it’d be pretty foolish to take it in an have it repaired if that’s all that’s wrong with it.

Thanks for the advice. There are no obvious hoses hanging down and I hear no hissing sound.

I have not yet checked the fuse.

But it sounds like it wouldn’t be too costly to get fixed if I wanted to do it. So next time it is in the shop for something big, I’ll ask them to look at it. (if indeed it isn’t a fuse.)

Thanks for the responses guys. My apologies for not responding sooner.

If there is a fuse, it is not labeled. All the other fuses have labels on them so I would have thought I could find it (unless there is an acronym that I’m not familiar with.)

I have a '98 CL and it’s vaguely similar.

Check the throttle cables where they are exposed in the engine compartment.

There should be two, one is the cruise control, the other is the throttle.

Check them for any damage. Make sure they’re connected and look OK.

Probably not applicable but I just paid $56 to get mine fixed on an f150 pickup. Yellow paged a shop that claimed a specialty in cruise controls.

The Integra has had a computerized cruise control since at least 1990; there’s definitely a fuse; according to the places i checked, it’s fuse #24, a 15A fuse, which on at least one 1997 model controls:

  1. SRS
  2. PGM-F1 relay.
  3. TCM
  4. VSS.
    5 Cruise control
  5. ELD.

On mine the fuse that is labeled SRS is a 10A fuse. It didn’t look blown, but that isn’t always an indicator and since I have a spare 10A fuse I replaced. I am expecting a phone call and so cannot get out to test it until later, but I will give it a whirl later.

Again, thanks for the input.

Switching out the SRS fuse did not fix my problem. :frowning: