Flag poll

There’s just about no direct ties of any sort between the two entities but they do share a lot of things in common in a certain philosophical sense, and I’m also just a fan of secession in general. :wink:

Bunting on 4th of July. Rainbow windsock and Buddhist prayer flags in our private space in back.

We had a US flag outside our house for many years.

It came down exactly one year ago.

We hope to put it back up some day soon.

I have a Pink Floyd banner hanging in my window. Does that count as a flag?

Yeah. After I posted that I realized that in many senses the Taiwanese and the Kurds in a similar boat. They’re both a sorta stateful/sorta stateless minority trying to grow international recognition. They just got to their semi-similar situations via very different paths.

My assumption about you having those particular flags was some ethnic connection. Seems I guessed wrong.

Agreed. About time to start flying it upside down as a distress signal.

Some day I hope once again to be proud of my country. Today is not that day.

We have a backyard setup and alternate, depending on the season, flags for the Packers, the Suns, the Diamondbacks, Route 66 and IH tractors.

I strongly considered that a year ago, but decided for the sake of neighborliness (or maybe I was being chicken) not to stir that pot. We’ve been here for four years, and I know a number of the neighbors to say hello to, but haven’t talked politics with any of them. Where ignorance (of political positions) is bliss, 'tis folly to be wise.

I put the US flag out on patriotic holidays (Memorial Day, 4th of July, Veterans Day), but don’t leave it out.