Flag poll

What flag(s), if any, do you have hanging outside your home? Could by flying high on a traditional flag poll, could be perched off a bracket on your porch, could be one of those little banners you stick in the ground.

A bit of explanation on the choices:
-National: A nation’s flag (could be your place of citizenship, could be the nation of your ancestors)
-State/Province: The flag of a state of province
-College/university: Pretty self-explanatory
-Sports team: Again, self-explanatory
-Season: A flag/banner that is seasonal or holiday-related
-Ideological: something like a confederate flag, a “Don’t Tread on Me”-kind-of-thing, a hammer & sickle, a donkey/elephant flag, etc.
-Family: Something with your family’s name or monogram or crest
-Religious: Something that is connected to your religious beliefs (the Christian flag, a Muslim moon, etc)
-Business: a flag with a corporate or business logo on it
-Other: Something that doesn’t fit in above
-Freak: a metaphoric flag, more of a personal style, no judgements
-None: You’re flagless

Flag-less at home.

On our pontoon boat (The Lucky Dog) we fly the dog paw flag.

No flags, but I have a bunch of decorative windsock / spinner thingies hanging on my balcony.
Some are fish, some are just brightly colored whatevers. e.g. https://www.amazon.com/EMMAKITES-Rainbow-Windsock-Spinner-32-inch/dp/B01A9X5I9U

They’re sorta pretty, sorta whimsical, and *much *quieter than wind chimes. A couple have rainbow colors but they’re not intended to convey any political or social message.

Most days, I fly the 50-star US flag. On national holidays, I fly the circle-of-13 star “Betsy Ross” flag. During baseball season, there’s often a St. Louis Cardinals banner displayed against the house.

I once made a quiet wind chime out of foam insulation tubes. Mrs. Nott didn’t like it, so it never hung in the wind.

American flag almost always, and at times a Gadsden (don’t tread on me) flag below that on a 25-foot pole.

My son flies a Marine Corps flag with his American flag. He also has an ‘don’t tread on me’ snake flag and an Arkansas state flag they are on his wall in the living room, though. Me I have a pole on my front porch with an American flag, when weather permits.

I have a blue flag with a peace symbol flying, and have since the administration Of GW Bush.

There are one or two houses on my street that have flagpoles. I tend to think of those people as “weird people”.

But, of course, I don’t live in America.

It would be interesting to see how the answers to this poll correlate to nationality. I suspect (though without evidence) that Americans are bigger flag-flyers than most other nations.

Other - star system of my origin from ‘past life’. ‘Past life’ is not a exact term but accurate enough for understanding. It could fit under Family, nation, state, religion, ideological.

Actually the closest is family, so voted that instead of other, it actually is family.

The US flag and on November 10, the Marine Corps flag. I also fly the Finnish flag on December 6. I have designed my own personal flag and if I ever get around to having one made I will fly it on my birthday, next friday, the tenth. Which is also Marine Corps birthday. A conflict may arise.

I said “none” and agree that it would be considered completely weird if anyone in my street had a flagpole.

This isn’t to say I don’t have flags - I have a Venetian flag and a couple versions of the banner of my SCA group - but the former is a wall decoration and the latter are for making rented halls look less modern. I’d never think of flying either outside my house.

Plenty of flag poles in Finland (I think almost every apartment building and house has one) and we aren’t shy about flying the national flag, but that’s usually only done on the designated flag days.

Other: the LGBT rainbow flag.

I don’t put any out very often but I keep on hand

  • regular US flag
  • Russian “tri-color” (family heritage)
  • Imperial Russian “P-AK” flag (ditto)
  • A couple flags with ghosts on them because of the wife’s maiden name
  • A couple other seasonal flags
  • A repro 1750s French Compagnie flag

Considering there may be some sort of flag maybe 5 days a year that is way too many. But I like each and every one, for one reason or another, too much to get rid of them.

Two Taiwan flags and a Kurdish flag. But two of them are actually indoors.

That’s a heck of a combo. I would never have expected a Taiwan-Kurdish axis to form. Politics does make strange bedfellows. :slight_smile:

I don’t own any flags. You don’t see private ones much in NYC.

I suppose I might fly a Catalonian one, in support of Independence for Barcelona. I’d be happy to fly a IWW flag.

I don’t do much outdoor decorating, so no flags for me. I do have Ol’ Glory hanging on the wall inside my garage though.

I don’t even own any kind of flag. And even if I did my apartment building doesn’t allow that sort of thing I think.

Me too! My Daddy was a career Marine, my brothers and son were/Are Marines. My birthday is 11/10 also, My Mother couldn’t have done differently, I was actually due 10/31, she said she crossed her legs til the 10th! Semper Fi!