Flags... does it matter where they are made?

Ok, just had an interesting conversation down the pub…
admittedly you’re gonna hear this from my point of view, but maybe someone else can throw some light on this for me…

Due to the World Cup, my local is filled with English and Union Jack flags.

These were made in China.

My drinking buddy got very upset about the fact that they had not been made in the UK.
His arguement was that he should be able to go out and buy an English flag that was made in England.
Ok, I understand this… sortof… but I don’t see the big deal about it.

If it’s cheaper to make the flags elsewhere, does it really matter?
Surely it’s flying the flag that counts, not where it was made?

Some people misinterpret patriotism as waving a flag.
Some people misinterpret patriotism as blind obedience.
Some people misinterpret patriotism as jingoism.

Sounds like your friend.

I think that when I bought my England flag, the label on the packet said it was made in England. Of course, there’s no bloody label on the flag itself, so I could be talking ex recta. So, it is possible to go out and buy a flag that’s made in England. You’ve just got to shop around - just like everything else.

I made the mistake of buying an American flag that was made in China. It looked great, sewn stripes, embroidered stars…

I flew it for one day, and it stated falling apart.

Yes, I’d say it matters. From a quality standpoint. For the record, I haven’t had that problem with an American-made American flag, even a really cheap one.