flame of moderarors of SDMB

obligitory flame of moderators
breaking and locking a genuine thread in Great debates.

A thread wich was a search for knowledge and insight on the recent finding of small-boned skeletons found in Indonesia.

A thread which I was making fun with a link to the Chemical Brothers on youtube while I searched for the correct links to coney the reason for the new interest in the bones in Inodonesia.

I may even say that the thread about the origin of mand and woman kind

was one of my most geniune ever to date. I logged into the thread with the most precise link I wanted to share to discuss the implications for science/worldview.

that I will share here since I won’t be sharing it in the original thread.

I do give respect to the moderators and all their requests.

and lets just sat that if someone says
It Began in Africa
and Then There Were Drums

and that alone gets the thread clamped, we have to be worried about our commitment fighting ignorance, or more readily, finding and/or examining truth

The thread would have been really interesting if you had simply come out and stated directly what you were interested in debating. Those music videos, while meaningful to you, have little relevance to any of us, and if the mods can’t figure out a thread in Great Debates it gets closed.

We’re more than willing to debate any and all philosophies once they’ve been stated directly in plain English.

I think there’ve been discussions on homo floresiensis on here in the past, so it’s no that that subject is being repressed; however, the linked thread indicates that you operate on a largely associative basis, which is difficult to follow for the outside observer at best, and looks nonsensical at worst, so you might want to make an effort to construct concise, lucid, and well reasoned OPs in the future – it’s not that anybody’s unwilling to engage in the debate, it’s merely that for the majority, it was simply unclear what the debate was supposed to be about.

You have to try a little bit harder, jessesheeran. Don’t post before you’ve got your ideas together. Compose your post so as people will understand what your position is. If you want to post links, find them and include them in your thread-starting post. Check your post for errors - there are at least ten in *this * thread-starting post.

Nobody is locking down discussions here. Don’t get upset. Don’t think you are not welcome here. Just get your posts in a little better order before submitting them.

I have looked over a number of your posts, including that one.
Read them over when you are rested and sober.

Stream of impaired consciousness posting does not further the SDMB.

What the hell are you on, and can I get some? If you start telling people about the Urantia Book, I swear I’m gonna climb through the internet and slap you.

I really, really hope that English is not the OP’s native language. If it is, Og help us all.

A have a question for the OP, I don’t know yet what it is, but you can google your own Garfield cartoons while I think of it.

Dude, really?

And that squiggly red line under all the words in your posts are there for a reason.
What gets my attention, though, is that last line from the mod note closing your thread:

Really? Is that to mean that the OP can now only reply to his own threads? Is that a new member status, “reply-only guest”?

I actually don’t want to restrict him; reading his posts is way cheaper than buying pot.

I think the mod actually meant he shouldn’t start flooding the forum with anymore incomprehensible threads until he came down from his high.

the psychedelic stuff is totally egged on

i think i have more control than indicated by community

Right on, dude. Say, you never went by the handle beyodaiwill on another board, did you?

well it doesn’t matter which handle I go by, you should know who I am. you especially
previous post

Well, consider my mind blown. And of course I know who you are.

got a match

So…what…did jessesheeran just follow you here, Cuckoorex? Heh.

Eh, it’s more of a torrent of free-range stupidity, innit?

Probably, unless “moderarors” is a very clever oblique verbal pun on “modererrors” in which case I’m kinda impressed.

Flame of Moderators-- is that like a pride of lions or a murder of crows?