Human Evolution?

Why was Colibri throwing his weight around in the Human Evolution thread? I get that mla1 is pretty nutty - but when Colibri was basically antagonizing him and just being plain old pushy it only engendered hostility and passive-aggressiveness.

And why not let JusAnotherDeaf talk about being deaf? I don’t get it. Does Colibri have some major axe to grind this these guys?

add link dammit

He already edited about half of the really inflammatory things he was saying out (or maybe I’m imagining things) - but do I recall him making some kind of comment about having a PhD?

mla1 was kind of goofy - but I think it is would be a misunderstanding to consider him racist.

And JustAnotherDeaf wasn’t doing anything but posting on-topic about deafness and (IMO) being attacked for no reason.

Again - Colibri just seemed like he wasn’t going to stop until he had put both of them in their place. Didn’t seem too nice to me.

Where the hell is the link, already?

Colibri is a moderator for the SDMB, and it’s his duty to rein in posters. Both of the posters that you’re talking about were violating GQ rules, repeatedly. The Hummingbird was nice at first, and then had to get sterner. Both problem posters were trying to push agendas of their own, which wasn’t suitable for GQ.

Link: Human evolution - Factual Questions - Straight Dope Message Board


I’m closing this, since it appears to be discussing both my comments as a poster, as well as my actions as a moderator. Only the former are appropriate for the Pit; the latter should go in ATMB.

samjones, if you wish to discuss my actions as a moderator, please open another thread in ATMB, and I will respond there.

If, on the other hand, you wish to discuss my comments as a poster, you may open another thread here in the Pit.

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