Is Colibri following the rules of the SDMB or is he just throwing his weight around?

Is Colibri following the rules of the SDMB or is he just throwing his weight around?

Dear Colibri

In the thread: From a legal POV, can the republicans just leave the supreme court seat vacant until 2021+ , you chose to issue a moderator note (post 75) suggesting(?) that I “knock off the LSM nonsense.”

What does that mean? Please be specific.

It’s my position that the media outlets must be held accountable when they provide piss poor journalism. Everyone can remember MSM stories that were clearly biased, twisted, poorly reported, outright lies, etc…

As far as I know, I have not violated any rules. Did I hurt someone’s feelings?

My questions to you are:

Why should the MSM be given a break for not properly doing their jobs?

Why should the MSM be given a break in the SDMB for not properly doing their jobs?

Why should you, Colibri, advocate for piss poor journalism?

Never mind

Political jabs are not permitted in GQ. You did not say MSM, you said LSM repeatedly. As I am sure you well know, “LSM” typically is used to indicate “Lame Stream Media” or “Left Stream Media.” (I considered it unlikely you were using it to mean “Long-Stick Midfielder” or “Little Sex Machine.” If you actually meant Little Sex Machine please explain your intention. :slight_smile: ) I considered this to be a jab at what you consider to be liberal media.

If you had used the acronym MSM, by which I assume you mean Main Stream Media, I would have not issued a note. In any case, in the future please do not use such acronyms in GQ. Be explicit about what you mean. Using acronyms like these does not contribute to making your meaning understandable.

Aside from anything else, this would be a hijack in that particular thread. If you want to discuss this, open another thread in GD.

This is just about a political jab in GQ? Colibri always brings the hammer down on that.

Move along folks, nothing to see here.

Yeah, classic example of political remark in GQ. If you have a problem with the “Lame Stream Media”, you need to address that in one of the other forums, not in GQ.

It’s not a political jab. When the MSM repeatedly fails to do it’s job properly, it becomes the LSM (ie. the lame main street media).

I repeatedly used the term LSM because the MSM repeatedly fails to provide the basics of journalism - who, what, where, why, and when. They should report the facts and let the viewers decide.

I’m torn. On the one hand, the temptation to offer you a hand out of that hole is pretty strong. On the other hand, you might just swing that shovel at my hand, and I’m pretty impressed with how enthusiastically you dig.

Thank you, Fox News.
Definitely a political jab-good call, Colibri.

It clearly is. Now that you’ve been informed that it is against the rules, any further use in GQ by you will be subject to a warning. So don’t do it again.

praise the lord, thank you!

Your wish is my command.

(post shortened)

Well, we can close this now.


Be careful what you wish for! :smiley:

Hey! Why don’t I have posters who concede like that to me with offers of fulfilling my every whim?

Because Colibri (hummingbird) is a God of War in Central America and idle thoughts are. . . not.

clears throat

You make it sound like all of this is personal. Sometimes a question is only a question. Good communication leads to clarification. Clarification leads to world peace. And who doesn’t want world peace.

On the other hand, not my circus, not my monkeys. I can only depend on the kindness of strangers. :smiley:

Dude, have you never seen The Twilight Zone!?

You should see a doctor about that. Could be that Zika Virus we’ve been hearing about.