Anyone seen Colibri lately?

Wasn’t sure where to put this, but since he’s a mod, I thought there’s a good chance someone in the know would see it here. I tagged him a month ago when someone was asking about Panama and then realized that he hadn’t been on in a while. It’s now been a month and I haven’t seen anything from him in that time.

It’s not really any of my business what he’s up to, but a simple “Yep, he’s all good. Even at our high salaries, we mods get a break now and then.” would be nice.

He’s been around in the past day, but he hasn’t posted in about a month. Hope all is well.

He popped in when I asked the same a month ago.

And I asked a back in June. He really dropped off with his posting in May and I noticed pretty quickly as it seems we follow a lot of the same threads. That, and new people modding GQ made me wonder if he was stepping down or back for a bit. He says “no”, so I take him at his word. Still hope all is well though.

Say what?

GQ has been moderated by Colibri, Chronos, and me for several years now. While Colibri isn’t currently as active as he used to be, the lineup hasn’t changed at all. There’s no one new moderating GQ.

Thanks for the various updates. Sounds like all is good and he’s just chilling.

I believe I’ve seen puzzlegal in GQ and I think WhatExit?. Maybe I was thinking of Chronos because I didn’t know Chronos modded there at all. I don’t really pay attention to what forum mods are assigned. Maybe they were just there at the right time, but with the absence of Colibri I assumed they were picking up the slack.

Naw, the only things i do in GQ are fix titles and move stuff out to a more appropriate forum.

Yes, stuff that I’m used to seeing Colibri do in GQ. To know that he had cut back on his participation and seeing you do mod stuff made me think you were helping out.

Sadly, he was carried off by hummingbirds. 50,000 of the little monsters, each with a piece of his clothing in its beak. Up into the sky and over the jungle. Quite a spectacle, really. People came from miles around… .

Do you know, I wouldn’t be surprised if that were true.

Hope he’s still humming along.

Right now, that’s the buzz.

I move stuff out of GQ that doesn’t belong there and fix titles on request as that isn’t a forum specific issue. I did recently temp close one that led to click bait and wasn’t really enough of an OP to leave be. But Chronos made the final decision on that one. Probably similar stuff a few other times with the caveat in the post that I’m not a GQ mod.

Of all the mods, I probably have the most time on my hands as I am effectively retired. (At least for now)

So do mods only consider it modding if you are rubbing your hands together, cackling evilly and rolling dice made of bones to see who gets banned? :skull_and_crossbones: Because this all seems like modding to me.

And a legend was born…

And of course all of those people left their cellphones at home, just like with Bigfoot and UFOs!

It was magical realism in the style of Gabriel Garcia Marquez. A legend is more potent than a photo.

We each are assigned to moderate a few forums, and have authority to judge a conversation off-track or a poster as disruptive in those forums, and write mod notes or issue warnings. We also have authority in any forum to assist by editing posts at a poster’s request, changing titles, moving threads into one of our assigned forums if it seems out-of-place where it is. We also have authority to delete spam and ban obvious trolls in any forum, and to temporarily close any conversation that seems to be going off the rails, until it’s reviewed by a moderator of that forum.

Are all of those things “moderation”? Sure. But if you are wondering if a mod is “out of place”, you should be focused on the stuff we do in our assigned forums. And maybe on temporarily shutting down threads, as that tends to happen because the assigned mods might not be available. The other stuff is sort of random, and will be done by whoever gets to it first.

So true. As long as we believe, the legend will live on.

I never said anyone was out of place and I know you cover stuff outside your regular forums. What I’m saying is it’s silly to pretend that a well liked and prolific poster/mod can curtail his activities by 90% for several months and, just because there wasn’t an official announcement, that nothing has changed. Of course things have changed, that’s why people are asking about Colibri and he’s making the list of missed posters.

He’s already explained his absence, which is more than he had to do. The problem, such as it is, is that most people don’t read a lot of ATMB threads so they don’t know about it. I expect the question will pop up again after this thread runs it’s course and sinks down the page.

I don’t think anyone is saying nothing has changed. It’s just that there are no new mods in GQ. The stuff you’re seeing other mods do is the general housecleaning all of them can do in all forums. The specific forum mods are more in charge of enforcing the rules in their forums and making the judgement calls on less obvious stuff. They decide if something gets a Warning or a Mod Note.

So while you do see other mods doing stuff Colibri usually did it doesn’t seem like there was any explicit talk about them filling in for him. They’re just doing their normal thing, and so it just happens they wind up doing things Colibri would have done.

Right. I had missed Colibri because i enjoy him as a poster, but i hadn’t really noticed he was moderating less, except in the quarantine zone, where we actually do have a new mod, Aspenglow, who also moderates P&E and IMHO. From my perspective, we don’t have any new mods in GQ.