Anyone seen Colibri lately?

Can I chime in to say I also miss Colibri? He has always been cool and is good at explaining things without making you feel like an idiot (which is not a common skill).

I guess I just don’t understand this. New mods doing mod stuff in GQ, when they hadn’t been doing it before, would seem to be modding. Is there something wrong with the way I phrase it? It’s not like I’m saying anything bad about Colibri. He is easily at the top end of the best mods list.

Especially the explaining things bit. I was used to seeing a lot of his posts, that’s why I noticed so quickly that he had cut back on his participation. Noticing other mods in GQ was secondary.

I really wasn’t expecting this to turn into a mod rating thread.

Mods, it won’t hurt my feelings if you decide to close this. Question has been asked and answered.

That’s what I tried to explain. The stuff you are talking about is the general housekeeping stuff. The mods have always been able do to that in any forum. We just didn’t notice them doing it much in GQ because Colibri was usually around to get to it first.

It makes sense to me that the mods don’t see this general housekeeping to be the same thing as “moderating GQ.” To them it was just doing what they’ve always done.

Colibri sighting. He’s been busy.

(from $10 Billion Webb Space Telescope Arrives at Europe’s Spaceport)

(Yes, just kidding.)

Sorry about that. I really didn’t think my comment would be controversial.

It could grip it by the husk!

I bet he’s out exploring the Darien gap again.

More in the style of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, actually, who also provided us with actual visual evidence of Colibri’s journey. (IIRC, St.-Exupéry said they were starlings.)

^ That’s Photoshopped; Colibri isn’t blond! :crazy_face:

I suspect the time is coming when all photographic evidence will be suspect. I saw a YouTube clip a while back of the original series USS Enterprise flying over some downtown city. It looked scary real. :open_mouth:

Not only that, he wouldn’t be caught dead in bell bottoms. And who in Panama wears a scarf?

I suspect you are right. Good for movies, not for real life.

Well, “if you will be birding in open areas, and particularly if you will be spending time in a boat, it’s a good idea to wear a long-sleeved shirt, long pants, and a broad-brimmed hat…A bandana can be handy for shading the back of your neck.” That’s on page 54 (really!).

He’s been on Facebook in the past day or so with a couple of interesting posts that I missed. I didn’t realize he wasn’t showing up in my FB notifications so I need to fix that.