Is Colibri retired? [No]

Noticed I hadn’t seen him in a couple weeks, checked it out and he hasn’t posted in a month! If that rat bastard is down there catching hummingbirds in nets in the jungle again I’m going to be pissed. Last time we were having a few beers together, he promised me I could go with!

He was active today and has been active in the mod loop. He has not stepped down from Modding.

I updated the title of the Op.

I miss my humming-bird buddy!

Did you really think I thought he was retired? I admit it wasn’t laugh out loud funny, it wasn’t supposed to be. I thought the beer and hummingbird thing would clue people in.

I would assume Colibri would let people know if he was packing it in after his sentence was up.

Me too, that’s why I asked. For him not to post in a month is pretty unusual. I figured he was out throwing huge nets over flocks of humming birds, terrifying them into submission so he could band them. And he was supposed to take me, not you, with him. He has no need to bring yet another mosquito into the forest with him, why would he bring you along? :grinning:

Considering how we suddenly lost a couple people recently I honestly feared for the worst myself. :frowning:

I like Colibri, he’s been helpful over the years and posts good stuff, and is a good mod. I’m glad he didn’t go anywhere.

Was it supposed to be funny at all? This is ATMB so I at least thought you were genuinely asking and just throwing in the rest for flavor.

I thought of that myself. Checked obits.* Found something amusing about a “Be-loved Fattier of Funeral Home”, who recieved a “Rosery Funeral” (see OCR translate.)

*(Hope the doesn’t think of it as doxxing–he has posted links here to his books on Amazon, which is how I knew the name.)

I always thought Colibri’s avatar was a weird set of bagpipes?

I guess trolling and name calling are now allowed in ATMB.

Who is trolling and who is flinging insults?!

It’s time for an update on how things are going in Panama.

I was actually worried but tried to ask lightly, in case, for instance, he was ill or hurt and didn’t want everyone to worry. Or actually, probably didn’t want everyone to bother him. For him not to post for a month seemed unusual, so I asked. The whole beer and catching hummingbirds was true, tho.

Well you know there’s always a possibility that he’s been kidnapped. I hear the asking price for an orthopred orniolo orthasco guy that watches birds all day is pretty steep. The interaction in the mod loop is probably ransom negotiations. Maybe they were warned not to talk about it. I hope when the mods asked for proof of life they made clear they wanted a video of him with todays paper. I know from my vast experience reading novels and watching movies that if you are not clear about that, they send you ears or fingers.

Latest update says rainy and 88F. But that’s not important now…

Moderator Note

Accusations of trolling are only permitted in the Pit.

Since the OP has been answered, I think it’s best to just close this.

For the record, I read the board every day. Since people have been generally well-behaved in GQ, and no one has asked a particularly interesting question lately, I haven’t been posting as much. Much of my activity is deleting spammers.