Flash Builder 4 to build swfs - trouble with outputting swfs

There usually is something very basic I’m doing wrong when I’m up against this kind of a wall…

I’m trying to change the path and name for swfs generated when they are run in Flash Builder 4 (either a straight run or debug). I am following the instructions at this site, under Creating or editing a launch configuration, which seems to be where this is theoretically accomplished.

Trouble is, when I try to browse for a folder, the OK button is dimmed. I can type a path, but that isn’t working either.

A (probably) related problem: I am working with a project, on a network, that was originally mapped to a PC. I have the project mapped to a Mac. I have hundreds of messages in the Problems tab saying that **“C/Applications/MAMP/htdocs/blahblahblah” is not a valid location. The location is relative to undefined workspace path variable “C.”. I think that I won’t be able to see any changes that I make until I can get rid of this problem.

I’m used to being a fast worker, but I’m also used to working in Flash CS4. I sure do hate to be slowed up by what seems to be basic “how do I use a computer???” type questions.