Flash memory for MP3's (USB), playing through other PC's

I’d like to play some MP3’s at work. Short of burning to CD’s (which play on WMP and affect usage stats), I can think of using an MP3 player. Cost is a factor, though.

So I’m looking at those flash memory sticks. What I need to know is this: Can I download MP3’s to the memory stick, then plug it into the USB port on my comp at work to listen to the music? (Yes, we’re allowed to do this) Or isn’t that compatible?


Sure you can. The USB memory stick will appear to your PC to be just another drive, and you can use whatever MP3 player (e.g. Winamp) you choose to play the music files. Alternatively, if you want a larger music library at work (and your workplace allows this), you can just copy the MP3s from the USB drive to whatever hard drive on your work PC has the largest free capacity, and play back from there.

Thaks for the info. I have about 80GB for personal use on the server, but like to keep that open for files, spreadsheets, etc. I think I’ll pick up the memory stick. Sounds like exactly what I need for my purposes.