Flash player 8 problem

I am using Windows XP Home edition on my computer and have a total of 5 family members that log on to the computer with their profiles. Of the 5 profiles in XP, 3 have admin privileges. My problem is that when going to a web site that requires flash Player version 8 I am always told I do not have that on my computer and given a link to download it. The odd thing is that one of the 3 admin profiles is able to use flash player 8 and the remaining 4 can not. I am one of the admin profiles and have attempted to download it several times. Each time it appears to download, but it is still not working on the 4 profiles. I am unable to view anything on these web sites at all without flash player, an example is www.fox.com which is fox news. I have been told by someone to go to add remove and remove it and have down that. I have also tried removing it with the flash player site that has a remove option. After removing I attempt to download again, but continue to have the same problem. I have also been told to check the internet options settings for each profile. I have matched every setting completely and have also set all at default. In spite of all of this I continue to have the same problem.

What browser do you use?

What browser do you use?[/QUOTE

I use IE

I went to your web page and see that you are a big fan of Firefox. I had nothing to loose by tring so I downloaded Firefox. I then went to one of the web pages that I was not able to view using IE. To my surprise it worked just fine, it did not direct me to download flash player so it appears it was still there but would not work for some reason. Thank you for your help even if it was indirect. Now that I have Firefox is there a way to transfer my bookmarks that I had in IE to Firefox?


Yes. In the top menubar, go into Bookmarks, and select Manage Bookmarks. A new window will appear. At the top left, click on File, then Import. You will be taken to a wizard that will allow you to import the bookmarks.

Thanks for the info.